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Vapes are available in various forms; each individual model has its characteristics. The size of a cigarette determines its life: the larger the body, the larger the cartridge and the battery is placed there. The smoking liquid is poured into the cartridge, and the evaporator feeds the battery. All electronic cigarettes can be divided into six types; each of them is characterized by its own external data: size and shape. The classification is marked with A-F.

Super Mini (A)

Versions of the super-mini class look very much like a regular cigarette. The length of the device does not exceed 10.5 cm. A small case hides a small rechargeable battery with a maximum capacity of 85 mAh and a little cartridge with a smoking liquid with a capacity of up to 400 μl. Electronic cigarettes of this class can be used by those who smoke “on occasion” or very little – within five cigarettes per day. “Super-mini” differ in the small price and small resource: weak battery power and the smoking mixture quickly ends.

“Mini” (B)

The “mini” models have the shape of a regular cigarette, but, unlike the “supermini,” they are longer – up to 12 cm. The life of devices is slightly higher, batteries of up to 200 mAh are installed in them, and the cartridge of the most capacious model is rated for 500 mcl. One vape pen from VapingDaily will replace up to 15 conventional ones without recharging.

Penstyle (C)

Penstyle class electronic cigarettes are designed to replace a whole pack of cigarettes on a single charge. The case is similar in size to a regular pen: up to 1 cm in diameter, no more than 17.5 cm in length. The average dimensions and the normal shape of the cigarette made it possible to contain a battery up to 290 mAh in the device and a spacious cartridge where you can pour 0.9 ml of aromatic mixture. Models of this class are different in appearance from the usual cigarettes in size. However, such a device fits comfortably into an internal pocket, without creating discomfort.

Cigars (D)

The device is similar in length to the Penstyle vaporizer pen models but significantly exceeds their diameter. The big size holds a battery with a good volume (from 700 mAh) and a roomy cartridge for automatic liquid (from 1.2 ml). Accordingly, the resource of the vape of this class significantly exceeds the performance of category А-С. Also, “cigars” produce significantly more steam, which will please fans of the “clouds”.

Mods (E)

Mechanical mods or Box mods are a little like a cigarette, but the square case fits easily in your hand. The device is designed for intensive use: capacious rechargeable batteries up to 2200 mAh and a capacious container for smoking mixture will ensure a long time of continuous use. The advanced evaporator is capable of generating a lot of steam. Among other things, the case of a medium size allows installing an e- board (box mods), a system for adjusting the generation of steam and place a small display on the outside.

Electronic tubes (F)

Fans of exotics will appreciate the “tube” class models. Electronic versions outwardly correspond to the size and shape of an ordinary pipe. Large sizes allowed to install a large, roomy battery up to 1000 mAh in the case, but such a device is very rarely on sale. In addition to the differences in vapor pen in size, you should pay attention to their technical characteristics. Different types of vape can include several subspecies of devices with a different capacity of the cartridge and battery.

Existing types of atomizer:

All types of atomizers are divided by type of service:

1) serviced – where the user can independently replace cotton wool and coils;

2) maintenance-free, removable or replaceable, if the user does not wish to change the “consumables” on their own, select the optimal type for this type;

3) combined – it can be replaced entirely or replaced with cotton and winding on its own.

Аll types of vape pen mods are divided into automatic and manual. Automatic used on disposable models and cigarettes class “mini” or “pen style”. The device starts up with each puff, while the thrust sensor is activated, the impulse transmitted from the microprocessor lights up the LED during inhalation (located where a typical cigarette has an ember). Automatic cigarettes are very simple and convenient to use. There is no need to make any settings, press the buttons – the inhaler can be simply smoked like a regular cigarette.

According to the type of evaporator, there is its own classification of varieties of electronic cigarettes.

Rda. One of the simplest types of the evaporator, where the aromatic mixture is absorbed into the wick. The total volume is relatively small – it will require regular replenishment of the liquid stock. The advantages of this best vape pen are simple and easy maintenance, maximum taste and a large amount of steam with good blowing.

Rta. The served type of an atomizer with a tank for smoking liquid. The mixture is transferred to the coil by the capillary method, through cotton wool.

Rdta. This is an improved analog, where the RDA and RTA types are combined, the drip-type atomized atomizer combines the drip and the tank.

Cartomizer Its peculiarity is that it constructively combines a cartridge and a replaceable, disposable atomizer. The deep fit of the heater into the cartridge promotes the formation of thick and saturated steam. The lack of a cartomizer is an opaque body.

Clearomizer. One of the most common types, the clearomizer, combined a container for a smoking mixture combined with an evaporation chamber. There are three types of such an atomizer: interchangeable, serviced, combined. The transparent case allows you to monitor the remaining liquid visually. Clearomizer is suitable for beginners: the non-demountable case is simply replaced with a new one at the end of its service life.

Bakomizer traditionally consists of a container for smoking aroma mixture, a spiral and a steam generating chamber.

Tankomizer. The design assumes the isolated capacity for liquid.

Genesis. Quite a complex evaporator, made in the form of a grid. Such an atomizer is used only in expensive models.

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