Valorant Act II Introducing Cyberpunk-Themed Glitchpop Skinline and Deathmatch Mode


Players will get to jump into a new Deathmatch mode starting tomorrow.

Riot Games’ team-based shooter Valorant is going into Act II this week and there are some changes and additions being brought along with the update, one of those being the introduction of the Glitchpop Skinline.

Firstly, Act II will find Valorant welcoming a new playable agent called Killjoy who was revealed last week through a character trailer. There will also be a new Battlepass heading to the game which will have a bunch of unlockable cosmetics such as weapon skins, gun buddies, sprays, player cards, player titles, and Radianite Points. Those wanting to nab the Battlepass will have to purchase it for 1000 VP.

The Glitchpop Skinline will be available for purchase using in-game VP currency. The Skinline can be purchased for the following weapons individually, or if you want all of them, they’ll be available as a bundle. If you do nab the bundle, you’ll also get an exclusive Glitchpop card, spray, and gun buddy.

  • Frenzy
  • Judge
  • Bulldog
  • Odin
  • Melee

These skins boast a heavy cyberpunk feel. Chris Stone, Senior Weapons Artist at Riot Games says, “We decided to focus on how to push this skin line towards a more fun and punk aesthetic, instead of the classic gloomy and grounded cyberpunk representation we often see.” He continues, “Once the base design was resolved, we began experimenting with various ways to push the personalization of the weapons through aftermarket modifications like the colors, patterns, stickers, and custom sticker loaded projection units to create a fresh take on the genre.”

Valorant Glitchpop weapon skins

There is also the introduction of a new free-for-all Deathmatch mode arriving to Valorant with the new act. This mode will throw ten players against one another with no abilities, infinite money, and no Spike. Basically, buy what you want and then kill. The goal is for the player to be the first to 30 kills, or failing that, the most kills after the 6-minute timer runs out. Players are also free to drop out of a match and will forfeit any experience points earned in that match.

Interestingly, player positions will be revealed every 5 seconds through a UAV radar in an effort to combat campers. And every time a player dies they’ll drop a health pack that will expire after 10 seconds if not picked up in time.

All of the above will be heading to Valorant today, except for the Deathmatch mode which will be landing tomorrow as a beta test window. Providing the mode is stable, and performance runs smoothly Riot Games says they will keep the mode on, indicating if there are issues it’ll be removed and added at a later date.

Valorant is available on PC but it is being prototyped for consoles despite anything other than PC not being a focus throughout the game development.

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