Ubisoft Employees Safe After Frightening Situation at Montreal Offices


What was thought to be a hostage situation at the offices of Ubisoft Montreal has now seemed to instead be the result of a fake 911 call.

A scary situation that took place at the offices of Ubisoft Montreal has fortunately seemed to have concluded with all parties being safe and accounted for.

Earlier this afternoon, employees at Ubisoft Montreal were said to be dealing with what was initially said to be a hostage situation. Police reported to the area in Montreal in which Ubisoft’s offices were located and locked down the block while encouraging pedestrians to not come to the premises. A few minutes after this began to transpire, employees from inside of Ubisoft could be seen via helicopter standing on the building’s roof waiting out the situation. Some employees at Ubisoft Montreal who are on social media shared information via Twitter to let the public know that they were safe.

Luckily, the entire ordeal has seemingly now been resolved with Montreal police reporting that “No threat has been identified.” Ubisoft employees were eventually able to exit the building alongside officers, with no harm being accounted for whatsoever.

As for what started all of this, the main culprit at this time seems to be a 911 call that was fraudulent. It’s not known who may have kicked off this chain of events, but essentially, it sounds like the employees at the Ubisoft offices could have been the victim of a “swatting” attempt. This point hasn’t been confirmed as of this writing, however. More information will likely come about soon from the police in Montreal.

Regardless of what the reason is for this all happening in the first place, I can speak for all of us at DualShockers when I say that we’re relieved to see that this is the outcome.




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