Two Ways to Register WhatsApp Without SIM Card or Mobile Number


Today in this article I am going to show you two ways to register WhatsApp without SIM card or Mobile number without rooting or jailbreaking your device. As we all know, nowadays WhatsApp is a very popular messaging App for every smartphone user. Besides the ability to send unlimited messages, audios, images and videos the feature of audio, video and group calling has made it youngsters first priority. According to some surveys, there is only one reason due to which WhatsApp is not the world number one communication app.

No matter, how much social you’re but sharing your personal number which each and every person you need to talk to for only once or twice is somehow inconvenient.

Well, if you want to be an approachable person without sharing your personal number with everyone or you are a person whose tablet doesn’t support a sim card. Here we have a solution for you. Using this two methods, you can get access to WhatsApp without any SIM card or mobile number.

Step 1: Install WhatsApp

Install the most updated version of WhatsApp on your device and if you already a WhatsApp installed and verified. You need to go for uninstallation and reinstallation.

Step 2: Download “TextNow app”

Next, you need to download an app named “TextNow app.” Downloading this app will give you a unique virtual number that you can use to verify your WhatsApp instead of your personal number.

Step 3: Verification

After accepting the terms and conditions just do enter the number and wait for the SMS verification to fail. Click on the call me button and open the TextNow app. Soon you’ll get a call from WhatsApp computers that will provide you with a code. Adding that code will give you access to all the amazing features of WhatsApp

Method 2: using your landline number.

Step 1: After installing the most updated version of WhatsApp just do enter your landline number.

Step 2: wait for the SMS verification to fail and click on call me button. The call from WhatsApp computer operator will give you the verification code.

Step 3: enter that code and you’re done. Now, what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy never ending chats and calls with your friends for free.

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