Two Basic Tips for Taking Pictures of the Most Beautiful Couples


Want a more specific function than this for photography? Photographing couples has been one of the most sought-after segments within the photographic field and, with all the development and modernization of the technologies in the area, it is imperative that the professional is always attentive so that his photography technique is continually improved, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers.

When a couple asks for a photo shoot, what are they really looking for?

They need beautiful couple poses! It is hoped that couples’ photos capture, with as much reality as possible, the feeling that exists among people in love. Love, companionship, harmony, gratitude, friendship, and complicity … These are therefore some of the feelings that the photographer must be aware to register with his camera in this type of essay which, though popularly known as “pre-wedding” or “pre-marriage”, has already been requested by couples who have been married for many years as well.

Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, a couple about to take a photo essay of this type or even a curious in the area looking for ideas, pay attention to this article, as we share these 2 basic tips for you to take pictures of couples in more beautiful and incredible looking to sweep the final result! Let’s start?

1- Approach

The couples require a lot of harmony and feeling, as we said earlier, right? Much of this issue is easily solved through a physical rapprochement between lovers. And that is why the photographer should encourage the couple to stay close, especially at the beginning of the rehearsal and the first photos. In addition to being the joker photos and bases of any rehearsal done with couples, this type of approach serves also to create a lighter and relaxed environment, with sparks of much love and passion, after all, you should know that the touch of the beloved changes everything.

And a super tip: Enjoy this first moment to take photos of couples who require marked poses, like hugging one another. These catches may be more withdrawn, but do not worry, after all, it is common for people to release slowly during rehearsals. For these catches, you might need a Lightroom alternative.

2- Abuse of Romanticism

As you ask for this approach, encourage the couple to remember the first encounters, the first glances and the first kisses they exchanged. Ask them to forget the camera and tell each other why they love each other.

Do not forget: Romanticism should be the main component when the purpose of the work is to photograph couples.

And many times, as much as they love each other, there may be some difficulty in bringing this up because of the shame of camera lenses, especially for men. At this time, it is the photographer’s job to relax the couple. The looser they are, the more beautiful and romantic the pictures will be, because they will be more natural and realistic!

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