Twitter’s Instagram story-like feature, Fleets, is now available globally


Months ago, Twitter was testing an Instagram Story-like feature, called Fleets, but its release date was unknown. Fleets are basically Tweets that disappear after 24 hours, just like Instagram or Snapchat stories, and now, Mobile Syrup reports they are available globally.

The concept behind this feature is simply to make floating, momentary thoughts not permanent on the social media platform. Twitter hopes that this will make users more comfortable sharing their “casual thoughts, opinions and feelings”. Additionally, Fleets cannot receive Likes, Replies, or Retweets. That ensures they will not be circulating on Twitter. What’s more, they can’t be embedded on any external platform.

Any text, photo, or video can be uploaded as a Fleet. In order to publish one, tap on the “Share” icon at the bottom of a tweet and then press “Share in Fleet”. They will appear at the top of your followers’ timelines. They are also visible at the top of your profile if someone not from your follower list visits your Twitter profile.

Over time, the social media platform states it plans to update the new feature with additional capabilities based on user feedback. Do you plan on using this feature? Tell us in the comments section!




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