Twitter rolls out Stories-like feature to all users


NEW DELHI: Twitter introduced its version of Instagram Stories called Twitter Fleets in March this year. Earlier this year, the company announced that it is testing its new feature called Fleets which enables users to post content which will disappear after 24 hours.
After months of testing, the company has finally started the global rollout of its Fleets feature. Unlike the normal tweets, Fleets will not receive Replies, Likes to Retweets. Also, they will disappear after 24 hours.
Fleets will not appear in the regular Twitter timeline of the users. A user has to visit the public Twitter profile and then tap on their Fleets to view it. Moreover, users will also not be able to circulate the Fleets on the Twitter network and they will also not show up in search or Moments. Also, users will not be able to embed them on an external website.
Twitter also allows users to upload any text, photo and video as a Fleet. In order to publish a Fleet, users have to tap on the ‘Share’ icon placed at the bottom of a tweet and then click on ‘Share in Fleet’. The Fleet will then appear at the top of your followers’ timelines. Fleets will also be visible at the top of your profile.
Recently, Twitter announced the expansion of its voice tweet feature. This feature enables users to record a snippet of audio which can be included in a tweet. Users who will receive the voice tweets will now see a new option in the tweet compose box. Users just have to tap on the voice tweets button and start recording a tweet. Whenever a user will share the voice tweet it will appear with the user’s profile picture and the other users just have to click on the play button to listen to the tweet.




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