TunesBro WinGeeker Ultimate Review: Among the Top 3 Password Recovery Solutions for Windows


Unlocking a PC for which the user or admin account password has been forgotten is not that difficult a task. In some cases, if the user was proactive and had already created a password reset disk using the internal function provided by Microsoft, it’s even easier to unlock a Windows PC. However, even if no such disk has been created, there are several software applications available to remove or reset a Windows password.

TunesBro WinGeeker Ultimate is one of the better-known applications designed expressly to unlock Windows PCs. This versatile utility can handle any type of simple or complex password; and, using the power of GPU acceleration, it can quickly unlock the toughest passwords.

Let’s take a look at how the software works, how easy the user experience is and other factors that make this one of the most sought-after Windows password recovery tools available on the market.

First of all, the overall process deserves a deeper look. TunesBro WinGeeker Ultimate uses the reset disk method of password recovery, but every single functionality that is required for the job is already built in. For example, most other software applications will require you to first burn the ISO file to a disk or USB drive using a different application. TunesBro has all of that hard-wired into it so you won’t need anything else. That’s a major advantage over competitor products, and the software gets a high score on this front.

Secondly, the time taken to create the reset disk and implement the password reset is best in class for such a utility. A lot of other applications either have low success rates or take an extremely long time to crack a password. In other cases, there could be a limit on the password length that the software is able to recover. No such limitations exist for TunesBro WinGeeker Ultimate. Another high-scoring area.

Third, the actual recovery process can be executed by anyone who doesn’t have technical expertise. Often, with other recovery tools, you will need to know what parameters to set, how to input specific commands in the command prompt and so on. With this utility, all you do is create the disk on a secondary PC with an admin account. You then insert the disk into the locked computer, choose the appropriate ISO file for your Windows version, select the username for the locked account and hit “Reset Password”. That’s it. You reboot and you’re free to access the computer without a password.

The fourth is the user interface itself. There’s absolutely nothing complex about it. For example, when you insert the disk on the secondary PC to create the password reset disk, the software automatically detects it and keeps it ready so you only have to click on “Burn” against that option. No fussing around with selecting a drive or anything like that. We really loved this aspect because so many other software applications make you jump through hoops before you can even create the reset disk. The interface is a pleasing color, and great care has been taken to push all of the complex stuff into the background, leaving only minimal controls to execute the process flawlessly.

The fifth element is how the product is offered. There’s a free trial that lets you see exactly what the software can accomplish, and then you have to purchase and register a license to do the password recovery part. We really liked this model because it gives users a look at the potential of the software while preventing misuse by unscrupulous users who want to get a free ride.

The final aspect – and this is usually the most important – is the software’s reputation on the market. A quick search revealed that the product had several million downloads. That’s always a positive sign. I couldn’t really find any scathing negative reviews, either by users or professional reviewers like myself. There was the occasional griping about the software hanging or being unable to unlock a particularly complex password, but I suspect those were from competitors trying to bash this product’s reputation. That sort of thing happens all the time in the world of software, unfortunately. As for our own experience, we tried it out on multiple Windows versions on different makes of PC, and it was able to easily unlock both user and admin accounts on all of them. We didn’t experience and hanging or lag, and none of the complex passwords we used seemed to phase this utility. Kindly contact TunesBro support team if you ran into any issue with the program.

Our final, independent opinion is that this software is definitely one of the Top 3 Windows password recovery solutions available today. There may be better software than this, but for this price I’d say you’re getting more than your money’s worth. And that’s the magic ingredient for any great piece of software.

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