Tumblr Imposes Ban on Visual Adult Content Starting December 17


From 17th December 2018, Tumblr users will not be able to view any visual adult content on the website. This is the most recent action taken by the website in a bit to fight the battle of adult content.

This decision is expected to wipe out all the adult content related Tumblr communities and will bring forth a complete transformation on how the platform is utilised. The ban is imposed on explicit pornographic content and nudity with a handful of exceptions.

This new policy was announced in the wake of Tumblr being pulled out from the Apple App Store because of child pornography issues.

Tumblr announced via a post on its blog that from now on it will not allow any adult content. This content includes pictures, videos, and even GIFs of sexual nature. As long as the nudity is not related to coitus, such as breastfeeding or childbirth, then it is allowed on Tumblr. Adult content in the written form and artistic nudity is also an exception to the new ban.

The platform has struggled with pornography issue for a long while. In mid-November, it was thrown out of the iOS App Store since content related to child porn escaped its filters.

The Tumblr team mentioned that all the pictures that are uploaded to the platform are checked with the help of an industry dataset of known CSA data, and the pictures that get detected are not uploaded on Tumblr.  Such pictures are promptly removed. They added that they keep on analysing additional measures they can adopt to get better and this is their highest priority.

A spokesperson for the platform explained that this new ban on adult content is not connected to the app’s removal from the Apple App Store. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for more updates.

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