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How do you celebrate your YouTube channel passing the 7400 subscriber mark? If you are [Low Level JavaScript], the answer is obvious: You create a 7400 TTL logic simulator in JavaScript. The gate simulations progress from simple gates up to flipflops and registers. You could probably build a 7400-based computer virtually with this code.

In addition to just being fun and interesting, there were a lot of links of interest in the video (see below) and its comments. For one, someone watching the channel took the code and made a Verilog-like IDE that is impressive.

Granted, you could just go to EDAPlayground, write some Verilog, and simulate it using normal tools. Somehow, though, that doesn’t seem as much fun as virtually connecting 7400 chips together. Don’t ask us why.

There’s also a link to an impressive open source web-based logic simulator. You can grab the code for it on GitHub if you wanted to make modifications or just look at how it works.

The video mentions that [Ben Eater’s] breadboard computer was inspiring for this project and we’d love to see someone do a simulation for the browser using this kind of technology. If you want to see an even more primitive computer simulated in your browser, try GENIAC.

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