Treyarch Teases New Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Content


Treyarch is teasing more content for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode. The studio tweeted out an image of what appears to be a new map, alongside the caption “Projekt Endstation was only the beginning.”

Projekt Endstation, which is German for Project Terminus, was the Nazi research program featured in Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies. It introduced the new map Die Maschine. Players believe this image is a brand-new map, rather than an updated version of one seen in Zombies before.

Treyarch has promised that more content would be coming to Black Ops Cold War’s Zombie mode. The mode has been a bright spot for the game after players have complained that the standard multiplayer modes aren’t as sharp as the ones in Modern Warfare. Call of Duty fans have also been unhappy with how Black Ops Cold War has impacted Warzone.

This teaser comes alongside a week-long free-to-play period where players can try several modes without purchasing Black Ops Cold War. Two modes, including the standard Die Maschine and the fast paced two-player “Cranked” mode, will be available during the free period. A mid-season update with new content is also coming on Thursday.

This is the first piece of additional content that Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode is getting. The Black Ops 3 community has been adding new content, including map, weapons, and modes, through the Steam Workshop. Their creations are worth a shot for diehard fans of Zombies.

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