Travis Scott Looks Like He Could be Formally Unveiling Those PlayStation Sneakers Later Tonight


Travis Scott is holding some sort of presentation tonight to coincide with the launch of the PS5, but it remains to be seen what will come of it.

A few weeks back, PlayStation and Travis Scott announced a new partnership, with Scott taking on the title of “Strategic Creative Partner.” Later tonight, it looks like we’ll finally have a better idea of just what the heck this collaboration will even result in.

Scott announced this morning over on Twitter that he’ll be holding some sort of presentation this evening. The event is called “PS5: Unboxing Reimagined” and is said to be a collaboration between Scott and the “Cactus Jack Experience.” For those unaware, Cactus Jack is the record label that Scott owns and is also the brand in which he releases a lot of his merchandise. The event itself is set to kick off at 5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST and will take place right here when the webpage goes live.

As for what this “Unboxing Reimagined” show will actually feature? Well, that remains to be seen. Scott simply unboxing a PS5 just like other members of the press have done in recent weeks seems out of the question. Instead, it seems more likely that we could see some other sort of crossover come about between the two parties.

Specifically, the Travis Scott x Nike x PlayStation sneakers that were teased in the original promotional video announcing this collaboration could very well be unveiled in full. The teaser image that Scott posted for this event even looks as though it features a shoebox sitting in the middle of the picture with PlayStation’s iconic symbols sitting atop it.

Whatever this event ends up being about, we’ll be sure to keep you posted if there is anything substantial that comes from it. And if those Nike PlayStation shoes do end up being revealed, you better start tucking away some extra money as soon as possible.




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