Track the Colors which dominated your 2018 Instagram Photos from this Web App


As the New Year hits the door now, most of you had already put your top 9 photos of 2018 that you had shared on Instagram. But even if you are looking forward to some more activities, there’s a special web app called, rolling out through which you can see which color dominates your Instagram Photos of 2018.

This app, Year of Colour, collects all your snaps of moments you shared on Instagram and combine them in a collection of colored dots. So, from this collection, you can clearly observe the color which dominated you Instagram Photos.

This Web App is built by a Venture Builder, Stef Lewandowski in London. He made this app after being inspired by his wife, Emily Quinton. She has a company named Makelight, through which she helps peoples to Improve their Instagram Followers by letting more people press “Follow” Button.

Looking forward to this, he made this tool which might help people to improve their Instagram Presence. Answering the question raised by The Verge that “How do I look on the internet if you just looked at it through the lens of the color palettes that you’re sharing?” He said, “Maybe there’s a way of using some AI, some machine vision and a bit of big data crunching — all those buzzwords — and apply it to something that’s quite human.”

Now most importantly, How to use it? So, to use it you must have to visit and then log in with your Instagram Account. This web app is completely secured. You can clearly look upon in their Privacy Information that your “Password is between Instagram and You only” they can’t see your password. So it is completely secured.

Another best feature about this app is that you can take a look of your colors that change frequently over the year in a Slideshow. Also, you can make this slideshow in a Printable version or can share it with your friends on Instagram Instantly.

So, Move fast and check out this amazing web app and share your dominated colors on Instagram.

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