Toy Story Characters, Ranked Least-Most Likely To Win The Hunger Games


Woody and Buzz have such a close relationship, but as seen in almost every Toy Story movie, it only takes a few small cracks for that friendship to completely break down.

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The Hunger Games would be a real test of not just their friendship, but the whole community of toys, and it’d be great to see how they’d use their few abilities against each other. Between Woody’s evil streak, Rex already having a kill count, and Little Bo Peep having transformed in to an action hero in Toy Story 4, a Toy Story version of The Hunger Games would make for some sensational entertainment.

10 Slinky

Slinky Dog hanging on to Woody in Toy Story

Slinky has had some great moments in the Toy Story series, as his stretching ability has helped the toys out on so many occasions, including when he saved Woody in Toy Story. But, because of that, Slinky is less of an opponent and more of a tool or a weapon that could be used by the other contestants in the Hunger Games.

Every time Slinky is useful, it’s because he’s using his ability to stretch so other characters can get to hard-to-reach places. Slinky’s ability to stretch is useful to everybody except himself, so the character would not only be picked off first in the arena, but he’d probably be used by the other opponents to their advantage too.

9 Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear and Woody falling with style

Buzz Lightyear might have the bigger advantages over all of the characters, as he’s more agile, is able to fly, and even speaks different languages. But Buzz’s problem is that he just doesn’t know how to use them, especially not to his advantage.

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The space cadet always gets himself into trouble and he even inadvertently turned himself in to a prize at a carnival. With each consecutive release in the Toy Story series, Buzz has gotten dumber and dumber, so much so that he was grouped with Bunny and Ducky in Toy Story 4, and he was no more smarter than them.

8 The Aliens

Buzz and the aliens in Toy Story

Though the aliens are multiple characters, they come as a unit, but that doesn’t mean they’d have any more of an advantage in the arena. More likely than anything, the Aliens would be one of the first oponents to kick the bucket in the Hunger Games, but they are somewhat of a wildcard, as they somehow always end up saving the day.

In the movies, the claw machine prizes act like an ex-machina, coming out of nowhere to save the day when the main characters are cornered, and their appearance at the end of the third movie is one of the reasons why Toy Story 3 is better than the first movie. How they reach the places they do is a mystery, but because of that, their chances in the Hunger Games are better than what most people would expect.

7 Duke Caboom

Duke Caboom

First appearing in Toy Story 4, Duke Caboom is one of best characters introduced after the first movie, even if his character arc is exactly the same as Buzz’s in the first movie. But in that arc, Duke proved how capable he is at his stunts, and he even excels where Buzz doesn’t. Caboom is able to plan ahead and use his initiative, and on top of that, he’s obsessed with pulling stunts even though he knows it may end badly, which means that he doesn’t fear anything.

6 Lotso

When it comes to villains in the Toy Story franchise, none have been more menacing than Lotso. He might be pink, but there’s no denying that he instilled fear in all of the toys at one point or another. He’s a classic villain in which he doesn’t know that what he believes is wrong, and at the same time, he’s so passionate about it. Lotso is vengeful enough, but if he applied that mindset in the Hunger Games, he’d definitely amass a high body count.

5 Bunny And Ducky

Three Heads Bunny and Ducky

Though Bunny and Ducky are two characters, they are technically attached to one another, meaning they’d be one character if they entered the arena. Bunny and Ducky might ultimately be powerless, but it’s all in the way they carry themselves and how confident they are.

In the Hunger Games movies, the ones who usually last until the very end are the ones who build mental walls around them and come off as jerks, and that’s Bunny and Ducky. In Bunny and Ducky’s eyes, it’s their world and everyone else is just living in it, which means that they can leave any connection or emotion at the door when it comes to taking the other toys’ lives. And more than anything, they have an extreme imagination and a scary excitement when it comes to violence.

4 Rex

Rex tries to defeat Zurg in a video game in Toy Story 2

Nobody would ever suspect Rex of getting very far in a battle royale, not only because of his short arms, but also because he’s a little scaredy cat, despite being a T-Rex.

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However, the character was the one who took down Zurg, arguably the most powerful toy in the series. Even though it might have been an accident, Rex knocking down Zurg means that he’s already ahead of the curve, as nobody else has a kill count yet. And given that he’s a dinosaur, the terrain in the Hunger Games arena may work to Rex’s advantage.

3 Woody

Woody in Toy Story

Woody is the leader of the gang, the sheriff, and everyone listens to him, as he’s a master manipulator, but when every character is fending for themselves, that skill won’t help him all that much. However, some think that Woody is the true villain of Toy Story, and if that was the case, he’d find it the easiest to pick off his friends.

But though Woody is great at delegating tasks to people with particular skills, he doesn’t actually have any physical skills himself. And with constantly getting bruised and battered, the chances that he would actually make to the end are slim.

2 Jessie

5. Jessie. Toy Story

Though Woody is the leader of the group, if the toys were forced to go one way or the other, they would listen to Jessie first and foremost. The character is ferocious and demanding, and while she has shown that she has a soft spot for Buzz, there’d be no stopping her doing what she needs to in order to survive. Not only that, but she has illustrated how much stronger she is than every other character, and she’s always excitedly ready for action too.

1 Little Bo-Peep

Toy Story 4 Buzz Bunny Ducky Woody Bo Peep

Before Toy Story 4, Little Bo-Peep was the sensible character who was always worried about what Woody was getting up to. But that all changed with the fourth entry, and she was a complete renegade, as she dropped the dress and donned the overalls and cape so she could be prepared for any kind of action.

As she’s essentially homeless, Bo isn’t just the smartest toy, but she has street-smarts too, being able to take care of herself with the small inventory that she has. Not only that, but she has proven that she can recover from injuries, as she doesn’t even have an attached arm in the fourth movie.

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