TowerFall Could Be The Best Multiplayer Game On Nintendo Switch


TowerFall is a game that was first released on an old console five years ago.  And now it has a new version released on Nintendo Switch. The new version of this game is about $19.99. It looks like the definitive version of the game as it looks the same due to the fact that it comes with TowerFall DLC.

The most interesting thing about the game is that it comes with a six-player mode, for a reason that the Nintendo Switch feels like it is custom made for games like TowerFall. It is a local multiplayer game with some single-player trials and challenges that can help you sharpen your basic skills which you need when you will battle up to five other people.

The game will start with a limited number of arrows that you will use to shoot at the other players.  Don’t worry about having a shortage as you can catch arrows out of the air and add them to your quiver.  There are also some optional variants and pickups that you can add or get from the game. The gaming environment is good as it has a dynamic rhythm that changes every round.

You can also customize the various options with what you prefer as the perfect version of TowerFall for you and your friends. There is no online play, so you are required to be in the same room to get the full experience out of TowerFall.

Switch’s TowerFall is a rare indie game that almost became a selling point for the console itself. After the long five years, a lot people is still excited to get their hand on this as this game gives the easiest way to bring other people into the obsession, bring them back together, and enhances friendship to be stronger.

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