Top 5 Must have New Android Apps for May 2019


With each month there comes tons of new Android apps launched on PlayStore to simplify our day to day life activities on Smartphones. However, out of thousands of apps launched on PlayStore, only a few of them are worth to check out. Like last month, we have compiled a list of Top 5 must have new Android games for May 2019 to check out. So, let’s check them out one by one.

1. Scribbl

Instagram has emerged to be one of the massive image-sharing platforms. While Scribbl is a Gem for all Instagram users out there. If you have a boring picture and wanna turn it out in a cool animated picture, Scribbl is one of the best solutions for you. This app lets you add cool animation to your pictures and make them look fabulous.

Put your imagination and creativity on your picture and draw something to which your photo relates to. Scribbl comes with a variety of animation styles. You are free to change the color and transparency of the animation depending upon your choice. Once you are finished working on your picture, just tap on the Play tab placed at the bottom to see how your animation will look like.

Once you are done with everything, just share your animated picture in High-resolution to your Instagram profile and show off your creativity to your friends. Scribbl is free to use app available for Android on PlayStore. It’s a lightweight app measuring just 15MB in size means, you’ll not have to bother for the storage while installing this app on your phone.

2. Omnia Music Player

Music has been one of the greatest entertainment sources of all time. Nowadays, Online music streaming apps have become one of the favorite apps among music lovers as they have a huge library and is loaded with exciting features. However, if you are one among them who loves to stick to the Offline Music players then Omnia Music Player is one of the best choices for you.

Omnia Music Player is an Offline music player loaded with great features and materialistic and simple design. One of the best features of this app is it provides an Ads-free interface which lets you to enjoy your favorite songs without any interruptions. Similar to other music players, this app also supports a variety of hi-res audio file formats and lossless audio support. This app also brings some useful features like gapless play, gestures, and album arts. The app also provides a 10-band equalizer and Google Voice command support.

Omnia Music Player supports mini player which can be triggered by just pulling it up. Like modern players, you can also read the lyrics of the song (if available) while listening to get a better idea of that song. One of the best thing which we like the most is, even after having lots of features, the size of this app is too small. It just weighs 5MB in size which let you to install in your smartphone without bothering any storage issue.

3. Firefox Lockwise

In this digital world, everyone carries lots of online accounts on different websites with different username and passwords. And that’s the reason why we get messed up remembering our own passwords for different websites. To solve this problem, there are many Password managers available online which stores passwords in a digital lockbox. However, most of them cost you some bucks to provide their service to you. But wait, if you are Firefox user, this Firefox Lockwise is a free Password manager by Mozilla which claims to securely save all your passwords in a digital lockbox.

This Firefox Lockwise is solely made only for the Firefox users. To get this service running, you need to have a Firefox account and need to sign into this app. Thereafter, all your passwords will be synced between your phone and the browser. Once you are done with the settings, you can easily log in to your account with auto-filling your credentials for that website.

Firefox Lockwise saves all your passwords in a high-security lock to prevent being misused by any intruders. This app is available on Android and can be downloaded via PlayStore. It is of compact size and weighs just 45MB in size. So, if you are a Firefox user and is looking for a password manager, go and give it a try.

4. Battery Notch

Nowadays, most of the smartphones come with a notch display at the front. However, the area around the notch remains filled by your system UI with other notifications at either side of the notch in the status bar. But what if you can customize the notch of your phone with battery level? Well, Battery Notch gonna help you in this.

As its name suggests, this app lets you use the notch of your phone to display battery status. So, if your status bar is running out of space, you can use this app to use the notch as a battery indicator so that your notification bar doesn’t get messed up with the notch. This app supports almost every types of notch available in the market and is compatible with most of the phones.

You are allowed to choose the shape of the notch depending upon the phone. Choose the color of the indicator and save the setting to apply the changes. If the pre-designed notch doesn’t fit well, you are allowed to customize its height and width. This app is available on PlayStore and weighs just 4MB in size.

5. Spark Email

If you are looking forward to changing your default email app, you should try Spark Email once. Spark is one the most loved email app available on iOS which has been headed now to the Android. This email app bundles tons of features like Smart Inbox, Scheduling, and Snoozing notifications and many other customization options.

Spark Email supports many gestures to simplify the composing process. Similar to the Gmail app, you can add your own signature below your email to be sent to others to give it a professional look. It also lets you manage multiple accounts on a single device which you can switch in between while composing emails.

Spark Email let you to setup your mailbox in a couple of seconds. Just follow the simple steps shown on the screen and done, your mailbox will be ready to send and receive emails or your existing emails will appear right there. It is now available on PlayStore and weighs just 65MB in size. So, if you are looking forward to switching from your native email app on Android, give Spark a try.

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