Top 5 Must-have Android Games for August 2019

Android has come a long way since its launch over a decade ago. In the same way, the games available on the platform have evolved, giving rise to some truly spectacular masterpieces that always bring the player back wanting for more. You’ll find tons of games for Android phones in the Google Play Store, but it can be challenging to identify the real gems which offer great entertainment while playing. Here, we’ve compiled some of the best Android games that are currently available. Some are free and others cost a few bucks, but all of them provide an entertaining experience on the go.

1. Gigantic X

If you are fond of playing sci-fi shooting games, Gigantic X might be the game you were looking for. This is one of the most engaging action games available now on Android. Here, you play as a squad of heavy machinery that comes together to help out the Galactic Alliance against alien parasites and deadly monstrous creatures.

Gigantic X features stunning graphics and has engaging gameplay. Also, this game features super easy controls that are intuitive and fairly responsive, which is a good thing that helps you to easily combat with your enemies. You need to be very fast to remain in the game as the enemies strike on you with lightning speed. So, to remain in the game, you need to be fast-paced against your enemies. 

To make the game more engaging, the developers have added a ranking system. As more and more missions you complete, you will climb in the rankings. But your skills, gear, and knowledge will only be tested more and more as you climb the ranks. To add more futuristic weapons to your arsenal, you need to complete missions and gather up materials for crafting new weapons and gear. Gigantic X is available now on PlayStore. So, if you haven’t played this game before, go and check this out once.

2. Doom II

Well, this game doesn’t need any introduction. This is one of the most popular PC titles that has been launched recently on Android during QuakeCon. This version comes with a few upgrades that are different from the original PC title. But it doesn’t mean that it lost all its features. It still has all the master levels, and it supports local multiplayer and local co-op.

Doom II features great retro graphics but the controls are a bit harder for some gamers. If you play this game using a controller, no doubt you can easily handle your character. Else, you have to give some time to get familiar with the touchscreen controls. But that’s doesn’t rocket science. You will soon masters this game after playing for a couple of times.

In this game, you will have to go through 20 levels. As soon as you climb the levels, the game will become harder and harder for you. You have to precise and careful while you on a mission to save the earth. This won’t be the best Android game for everyone, but it will certainly capture the attention of OG fans. This game is available now on PlayStore. if you are one among those OG fans, you surely need to check out this game once.

3. Top Speed 2

When it comes to mobile gaming, racing games are one of the most popular among gamers. And after all, why not? Everyone loves Speed. If you are one among those fellows, Top Speed 2 is the perfect game for you to try once. This is the latest game from the popular Top Speed series. This is a multiplayer drag-racing game that offers the best racing experience on mobile.

The game feature extreme graphics that let you enjoy the game to the best. It has more than 70 supercars to try one that will either unlock by complete missions or by paying some in-game cash that you collect after each race. Like most of the high-profile racing games, you are free to customize your car in the way you want them to be.

Rule the leaderboard by competing against your friends and millions of players across the world. Win more and more races, collect scrapping materials, and use them to upgrade your dream car to the top performance. It can definitely feel repetitive the longer you play, but most free to play racing games feel a bit like that after a while. This game is available now on PlayStore to download for free. So, if you are fond of racing games, go and try this game once.

4. Type II

This is another FPS sci-fi shooting game in our list, but this one is completely different from others in this genre. Type II is an interesting mixture of FPS and tower defense where you have to defend your base against intruders. You have to defend your base against different enemies before they actually reach your base and destroy it. This is one among the most engaging gameplay.

It features ultra 120Hz display support with 3D graphics that give unmatchable FPS experience. You are given with multiples futuristic weapons and towers to protect your base against multiple phases of enemies. With each new phase, the enemy will become stronger and at last, you need to face the boss which is the most powerful among others. So, you need to be careful and attentive throughout this game.

 Type II offers three new worlds with different enemies and levels. So, you will get an unmatchable FPS experience while playing this game. In case, if you are feeling sick with the in-game controls, you can use a controller to play this game at its best. Type II is available at PlayStore at a single price of $6.99. On limited-time sales, you can get it for around $4.

5. Flashback Mobile

If you are fond of playing retro-adventurous games then this is the perfect choice for you. Flashback Mobile is the brand-new remake of one of the most popular action-adventure PC titles. The game features the same experience as it was on PC but with completely new mobile control.

Flashback Mobile features hand-drawn graphics and simple controls. One can easily play this game without any preliminary knowledge. It let you experience the best classic gaming experience on mobile. ou explore a 2D world, find stuff, avoid obstacles, kill bad guys, and play through the narrative. 

This game is available now on PlayStore and is downloadable for a one-time payment at $4.99. However, the price of this game is somehow higher than expected. But you can get this at cheaper price on sale for around $2.99.

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