Top 5 mobile games suitable to your android phone


The best phones for gaming on the go actually not specifically to be designated gaming phones are. Some of the highest rated on the top and simply the best devices on the market with top requirement spaces. Think of the day when mobile phones did not work and had to wait for hours on the mail or the way had to visit someone just to have a chat. At the moment phones are necessity and events the whole market understand this and allows users to select plethora of options.

It is important to check for the latest updates and now can getting each and is each way of information from here and can see this here.

Monument Valley

There are various debates on whether games can be artistic and monument valley check the art box. It is delicate and beautiful arcade adventure game that features the attempts of princes to explore monuments. It has been crafted carefully with and also experiences throughout reflective and architecture moves like dragging and spinning the further components.


Actually every now and then a puzzle game appears that would exactly not simply let you go of it and would work with the puzzles in this game, even though that would need to drop discs and should the number of any disc not match with the disc count. It is one of the best android puzzles around.

Angry birds star wars

It is something for ardent gamers of angry birds and sequel to angry birds, star wars improves on the designs ideas of the game. Game is a perfect match for the fans of dearth maul and if thought that the titular birds were way too angry, it is a game having the opportunities to get revenge on them right now with the all android games.

Monster hunter stories

Monster hunter world has been a massive hit into the gamming console world and now there is a mobile version too and called as monster hunter stories. It is a bit more cartoonish than the console game and still cost USD 20 but those who loved console game may want to continue playing in its universe, making excellent selection for people to play.


It is an extremely functional android application that will helps you to locate the pals where the only prerequisite is being connected to loopt. It can just by pinging ones friends via loopt can easily find them by different pop up that appears on the locator map and establish contact with them. It can also be put to use if you are waiting anxiously for someone and want to know where the person is waiting for.

Dragon Ball legends

Dragon ball series has seen somewhat of resurgences over the past few years and dargon ball heroes and capitalizes on that. It is also built to be played in portrait mode and makes it easy to play on the road. If you want to burn some rubber in wide range of meticulously re created cars on an impressive lineup of real tracks from around the globe.

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