Top 5 Best iOS Games For May 2020


Since the launch of the Apple Arcade service, the library of iOS games has gained high-quality titles, such as Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, Sayonara Wild Hearts, What the Golf, etc. Thanks to the powerful hardware on the newer iPhone and iPad devices, it’s now possible to push such graphics-intensive games on a mobile platform.

Apple Arcade has a lot of games to offer. For only ₹99/month, you get access to hundreds of games. Having access to this many games might leave you confused, that’s why we have compiled this list of top 5 best iOS games for May 2020. We do it every month for Android games as well, so be sure to check them out too. 

1. Rayman Mini

Ubisoft has made an exciting move by launching Rayman Mini into the iOS gameworld. The concept is similar to the previous mobile game, Rayman Adventures. Rayman Mini begins with Flaming Teensy, the famous antagonist of Rayman series throws a curse on Rayman. Thus, Rayman shrinks into the size of an ant. To revoke the curse, Rayman starts his journey through rich excitement of 48 levels. 

Unlike the previous mobile versions of Rayman, the player will involuntarily start to run at each level. He has to collect Lums by avoiding all the obstacles and attacks by jumping on the poisonous plants. The Lums will help you unlock new outfits as it rewards with the in-game currency Electoon. The game goes forward in only one direction, just like the famous retro game Sonic Dash or Jungle Run. The player can jump by simply tapping on the left side of the screen, and by holding on the left part of the screen, you can glide through the air. There is a total of 6 stages (The River Stream, The Rabbit Hole, The Swamp, The Trunk, The Foliage, and the Bonus round), contained with eight levels each and a boss fight. The player has to defeat all the five bosses in order to enter in the 6th stage. In every encounter with bosses, the player will earn a Swag Coin, which will help to unlock new additional outfits. 

Recently, the game has updated into some Online Challenges just like previous versions of Rayman. The player has to run limitlessly and fulfill specific requirements and thus receives a cup at the end of the week. So, this May go on an adventure with Rayman and reveal all the mysterious secrets of the miniaturized fun.

2. Overland

If you love alien-infested fantasy world and all the drama of it, then Overland is a perfect choice for you. In the Finji game world, Overland takes place in the mid-apocalyptic situation, where the player has to decide which move he hs to make to survive and what to do next. Every decision of the player makes different consequences and makes it unpredictable. Full of suspense and thriller Overland has become very popular among game lovers.

Overland starts with two randomly chosen characters, and one of them might be a dog. The player has a vandalized car and a road map, which will help him to decide where to go next. In the very beginning, the game might seem usual in an abandoned urban city of the U.S., but as the game progress, it gets creepy. Every time you make a sound, a group of floating creatures appears to destroy you. Collect all the pieces of equipment, including medkits, axes, shields, armors, and luggage racks in order to keep yourself alive. Overland takes you to the whole new world of adventures through the fields, over hills, and some unknown places. The player is tasked to rescue all the imprisoned strangers and get back to the wrecked car a fast as possible to escape the inevitable dangers. 

As the game is to create a story by the players, be prepared to welcome unwanted surprises, with new horrors and suspense in each challenge. Switch your characters as per your choice and always keep your fuel tank full of discovering unknown dangers in the Overland survival game.

3. Discolored

If you have a fascination with horror mystery, you must try out Discolored launched by Shifty Eye. Discolored is brain bashing life-like game where you have no story to complete, yet you can fill in the blanks with your own mind. There is an abandoned diner in the middle of an isolated desert, and somehow it has lost all of its colors. Your main motto is to bring back all the colors of that diner.

As the game begins, an elevator opens up, and you will notice that you are inside of an old office that looks somewhat 60 or 70 years old. As you move forward you can see somewhere in that room, there is a table with some black and white photographs of a diner, and an item called “Card with Holes” on it. You make a move by inserting that card into a “Viewer” and boom! You are now transported into those mysterious black and white photos. The mystery starts from here as you will see everything in black and white, just like those photographs. If you move outside and try to go further from that diner, you will realize you are trapped inside that diner. There are three hued prims (green, blue, and red), and you are tasked to place them in their originated place where they are meant to be. After completing each task, you will find out that the diner is restoring its color one by one. After configuring each color back to its place, a new item will become visible, which was not noticeable in the monochromic background. These new items will help you to unlock such areas like attics and basements, and even it can be your missing link to your previously investigated puzzles.

Discolored is pretty much similar to most of the adventure-puzzle based games. None of the puzzles are challenging to solve or very hard to play. With no interaction with any characters, the game proposes nothing but a repetitive course or pace with no new challenges. Discolored will give you a haunted feeling and goosebumps as the soundtrack plays a significant role here. Every time you make a discovery or just complete a task or just merely entering any room, different types of aesthetic and beautiful soundtrack plays in the background. Just when you start to think that this game can’t get any weirder, the spooky soundtrack chills your bones.

4. Kings of the Castle

Kings of the Castle is one of the newest additions in the Apple Arcade library. You play as the princess, who is sent to a dangerous island by Lord Baldor to rescue Prince Rupert. He is captured by a dragon named Zantorian, who demands 250 gems as the ransom.

The game puts you in first-person, and your main objective is to collect a required amount of gems. It also tests your reflex because of the fast-paced nature of the gameplay.

Now, that’s not the least of your problem. While collecting gems, you will also have to avoid spikes, flame traps, water bodies, as well as fight the enemies.

The game also features a multiplayer mode, which lets you queue up with up to three more players and play online. It even has iMessage integration, so that you can send invites to your friends and family. The single-player mode doesn’t require any sort of network connectivity.

Kings of the Castle receives regular updates with new islands for speedrunning, and it’s an excellent time-killer on your Apple device.

5. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp brings Nintendo’s authentic series Animal Crossing on your smartphone. Back in 2017, Nintendo launched Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for both Android and iOS, and it gained a lot of traction among Animal Crossing fans and casual mobile gamers.

It offers the same gameplay features as its console counterparts. You can customize your playable character, and then you are also given your own campsite. You can customize it to your heart’s content as well, whether it’s terraforming the campsite or decorating it with eye-catching materials.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp also features returning NPC characters from previous installments of the series. With your neighbors on the same island, you can not only interact with them but also trade materials, buy resources, and gain experience points as you build up a strong relationship with them. Alongside all these activities, you can also go fishing, bug-catching, and fruit-gathering throughout the campsite.

AC: Pocket Camp also lets you travel to your friend’s campsite. You can also invite them to your own campsite and show off your creations. Sending gifts is also possible via the mailbox.

Note that it is not included in the Apple Arcade subscription. Although it is free-to-play, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp does have an in-game currency system called Leaf Tickets. You can exchange it with in-game essential items, as well as complete crafting jobs instantly. Overall, if you can’t afford to pay for a Nintendo Switch and play the latest Animal Crossing game, then you should definitely try out Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on your iPhone/iPad.

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