Top 5 Best iOS Games For August 2020


Fortnite has been recently kicked out of the App Store, as Epic Games violated Apple’s guidelines by using an external payment system for the in-game currency V-bucks, plus listing the in-app currency at a discount. Following the long-term feud with the App Store, Epic Games has also filed antitrust lawsuits against the tech giant.

For the same reasons, Google Play Store has removed the Android version of Fortnite. While Android users can always sideload it from the official Epic Games app, the same can’t be said for iPhone and iPad users.

Since you can’t play Fortnite on your iOS devices, you probably are in search of new games to play. App Store has so many games at its disposal that you might not find out which games you should try out first.

However, you can check out this list of the top 5 best iOS games for August 2020, similar to what we have also covered in the previous months.

1. Mudrunner Mobile

Saber Interactive’s MudRunner is a physics-based off-roading simulation game that released for Windows PCs and current-gen game consoles back in 2017, followed by the debut of a mobile port on iOS and Android.

Mudrunner puts you in the driver seat against an ultimate off-road challenge, where you have to drive your vehicles across extreme and unsuitable terrains, carrying bulky goods through impossible conditions. The game offers 15 different environments to explore, with six sandbox and nine challenge maps. Players only get a map and a compass for navigation, and their main objective is to make deliveries of heavy goods while enduring dangerous terrains across wild and extreme landscapes, whether there are muddy unpaved roads, hazardous rivers, swamps, mountains, or other obstacles in the way. Players can also accomplish three goals on a single map.

You get to drive over 16 different light and heavy-duty vehicles. Each comes with its own set of pros and cons, as well as equipment add-ons. Based on what path you choose, the game’s advanced physics engine will accurately depict the impact of the extreme terrains on the vehicles you drive. Your ultimate goal is to keep the vehicle damage-free and maintain enough fuel to reach your delivery location.

The game has received positive reviews on the App Store so far, especially for its graphics and adjustable on-screen controls. MudRunner Mobile is a premium game that will cost you $5.99, plus an optional $2.99 for The Valley DLC.

2. Minecraft

One of the best sandbox video games of this decade is none other than Minecraft. The game had a separate “Pocket Edition” for iOS and Android devices, which has now been discontinued in favor of the full port that supports cross-play with other platforms.

In survival mode, you start your journey in a procedurally-generated world, where everything is totally random for different players. To survive among the mobs at night and a steadily depleting health bar, you will have to collect resources and food from the world, as well as create weapons, armor sets, tools, and other types of equipment. As you chop woods and mine different blocks, you can build yourself a fancy house and put a bed to set a respawn point.

For progression, the game forces you to explore across different biomes, whether it’s plains, forests, jungles, mountains, deserts, swamps, badlands, rivers, oceans, mushroom islands, savannahs, etc. On your adventure, you will also discover caves, where you can find both common and rare resources, such as Iron and Gold Ore, Redstone, and Diamonds.

These are just a part of the overworld. You can also travel to the Nether using obsidian portals, where you encounter far more dangerous threats, such as Magma Cubes, Piglins, Ghasts, Blazes, Hoglins, etc. With the new 1.16 update, Nether has been refreshed with different biomes, including Crimson Forests, Basalt Deltas, Nether Wastes, Soul Sand Valleys, Warped Forests, etc. Your end goal in the game is to reach The End, where you will face the most dangerous mob boss in the game, the Ender Dragon.

Crafting is one of the essential aspects of the game, as most of the craftable items don’t commonly spawn in the world. There are hundreds of crafting recipes to learn, as well as thousands of obtainable items to work with.

Minecraft worlds are highly modifiable, as the game lets you add texture and behavior packs. As an administrator of a world, you can also use slash commands to teleport, spawn mobs and items, as well as change the weather and time of day. These options are available only in Creative Mode, where you get unlimited resources to build huge monolithic structures and convert your vast imagination to virtual reality. You can also enable slash commands on Survival Mode with cheats enabled, but the achievements will be disabled for the world in turn.

As previously mentioned, Minecraft supports cross-platform multiplayer, and you can play with your friends on Android, Windows (Bedrock Edition), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, etc. You can also join custom Minecraft servers if you want to.

You can purchase the iOS version of Minecraft from the App Store for only $6.99. The game does have an in-app marketplace for prebuilt worlds, texture packs, player skins, etc. You can also pay $7.99/month for a Minecraft Realms subscription, which gives you a private Minecraft server joinable by up to ten players at the same time. The price of Minecraft Realms is subject to regional pricing.

3. Felix The Reaper

Felix The Reaper is a 3D puzzle-based adventure game that puts you in the shoes of Felix, the dancing bringer of death, who begins his journey to propose his love for Betty The Maiden. However, it just so happens that she works at the Ministry of Life, while Felix works at the Ministry of Death as a field reaper. Thus, they can never meet face to face.

As the story progresses, Felix is sent to the human world for his work as a reaper so that he can make sure that people die naturally according to the regulations of the Ministry of Death. However, that’s where Felix finally meets his love interest, then tries his best to ask Betty out for a dance alongside completing his main agenda.

The game grid-based puzzle lets you move the sun at 90° increments and place obstacles between other light sources to create shadows and make safe passage for Felix The Reaper. You will also have to carefully set up plots to ensure the death of designated humans on every map. The game has four beautiful worlds to explore, and five different acts of Death.

Felix The Reaper has previously released Windows, macOS, and game consoles, so the iOS port has been completely redesigned to suit the touch controls. New game mechanics have also been added, as well as optional challenges and collectibles.

Throughout the game, you will hear the voice of Patrick Stewart as the narrator. The graphics and fluid animations of the game feel responsive all around, and its original soundtrack is exhilarating.

If you are a fan of puzzle-based titles, then Felix The Reaper is a must-try on iOS. It’s available on the App Store for only $3.99, offering 10+ hours of Sokoban-styled gameplay.

4. SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit

SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit is an Apple Arcade exclusive for iOS devices. It’s a 2.5D platformer title that immerses you in the world of SpongeBob, where Sheldon J. Plankton is once again trying to steal the secret Krabby Patty formula. He has also teamed up with his cousins to kidnap SpongeBob’s friends, forcing him to dive into an epic quest through the renowned locations of Bikini Bottom, Jellyfish Fields, Glove World, Rock Bottom, Dutchman’s Ship, and Chum Bucket.

Your mission is to rescue all of your friends and allies, including Patrick, Gary, Squidward, Sandy, and Mr. Krabs. They will help you complete levels on your side-scrolling quest. You will also face Meca Plankton, Jellyfish King, Man Ray, Dirty Bubble, The Cap’tain of Dutchman’s Ship, as well as Plankton’s wife, Karen. Each level has its secrets and puzzles, and SpongeBob can morph into different shapes to get new abilities and get past the obstacles.

For long-time fans, SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit brings a whole new interactive episode on iPhone and iPad devices. The game is part of the Apple Arcade subscription, which costs $4.99/month. However, it might vary depending on your region.

5. Minesweeper X

With Minesweeper X, you can now relive one of the best classic puzzle-based virtual board games on your iPhone or iPad. It offers the classic minesweeper gameplay and matches the old aesthetics. You can play a match of Minesweeper in four difficulty levels, which are easy, medium, hard, and expert. The stages of difficulty directly affect the size of the minefield and add more landmines for you to flag.

The game also lets players undo moves and ask for hints, which is useful for those who are new to the challenging concept of Minesweeper. You can also zoom in/out of bigger minefields on the smaller iPhone screens and toggle quick flagging mode. Besides, the game features a save/load feature for unfinished matches.

Minesweeper X is a free-to-play classic, but it does have in-app advertisements. You can disable it by purchasing the $0.99 Premium package in the game.

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