Top 5 Best iOS Games For February 2020


Apple devices are generally built to last for years. The custom silicon used by Apple is powerful than any other low-powered mobile chipsets in the market. Game developers can take advantage of that extra horsepower and bring high-fidelity games to mobile gamers, which is one of the reasons why Apple’s App Store is so rich in terms of quality games. 

For those who like to play games on their iPhone or iPad devices to kill some time, we have yet again returned with a new list of top 5 best iOS games for February 2020. You can check them out below, as well as download them instantly by clicking the App Store links.

1. The Elder Scrolls: Blades

From the creators of Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls: Blades brings classic Elder Scrolls experience to your mobile device. It doesn’t have the open-world that you expect from an Elder Scrolls game, but it does mimic the same quest design.

After you create your character, the game quickly throws you into the world, where a village has been set on fire, and it almost destroyed. Your objective is to search for the missing villagers, recruit new allies, renovate homes and shops, then bring back your homestead to life.

Similar to other Elder Scrolls games, Blades let you explore multiple dungeons scattered across the world. However, the areas are divided into hubs and different smaller levels instead of being connected to each other in an open-world manner.

Making progress throughout the game will reward you with weapons, armor, and level up boosters. As you level up, you will also unlock abilities, spells, and gain materials to upgrade your homes and shops for improving your village.

The quick-time combat system is also an engaging aspect of this game, and your fighting skills will be tested by multiple types of enemies with different skill levels.

Graphics are also impressive for a mobile game, which is as good as you would expect from an Xbox 360. All iPhone and iPad models since the 6S era can run the game without any hiccups.

If you want to relive the authentic dungeon crawler experience, The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a game you should definitely try. It is a free-to-play game, but it does offer cosmetic upgrades, currency packs, and time-saver boosts as in-app purchases.

2. Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS

Critical Ops is one of the best first-person tactical shooter games for mobile devices. It is highly inspired by the gameplay mechanics of Counter-Strike, which is the best FPS franchise of all time.

Critical Ops features several competitive maps, as well as multiple game modes, including Defuse, Ranked Defuse, Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, and Practice Mode. You can also create custom servers and play with your friends.

In any mode, you play as either The Coalition or The Breach. Ranked Defuse is the competitive mode that most of the Critical Ops players look for, and it’s exactly what you would expect. As a member of The Breach, your mission to plant the C4 on the bombsite, while the members of The Coalition have to defuse it. A round can end in three ways: 

  • Either of the team is eliminated.
  • The Coalition defuses the bomb on time.
  • The Breach stops The Coalition from defusing the bomb.

There are eleven rounds in a ranked match. Team rotation happens after five rounds, and a team needs six rounds in a game for the victory.

Weapons and utilities are also one of the essential aspects of the game. You can choose between several pistols, SMGs, ARs, Shotguns, SRs, Melee weapons, grenades, Kevlar and Helmet, and many more. You can also apply skins on weapons, which can be unlocked by opening cases.

Critical Ops is another free-to-play game in this list, but it does encourage players to do microtransactions for skins, virtual credits, and Critical Pass (level-up reward system).

3. Shadow Fight 2

The first Shadow Fight flash game on Facebook attracted over 40 million players worldwide. The developers at Nekki Games are the ones responsible for the sequel, and they have done an exceptional job of keeping the game as original as possible.

Shadow Fight 2 is currently in top charts of role-playing fighting games, and for good reasons. It is a 2D fighting game with unique visuals, where players have to fight their enemies on a side-scrolling level.

Even though the characters are just shadow-figures, the fighting animations are realistic, so is the ragdoll physics. The controls are also very intuitive, considering that not everyone likes touch controls.

The game also features RPG elements. You can upgrade your fighter with new weapons, including swords and nunchakus. You will also unlock armors and new magical powers on your journey.

Shadow Fight 2’s story mode is excellent as well. If you can get past the game’s freemium model, then you might find it to be a great time-killer on your iPhone or iPad device.

4. Sneaky Sasquatch

Sneaky Sasquatch is an indie game that is currently a part of the Apple Arcade subscription. Developed by RAC7 Games, the game quickly introduces you to a Sasquatch, who starts its day by searching for food.

In a stealthy manner, the Sasquatch has to invade the nearby campsite, where he can find plenty of food to eat. Players also have to avoid the ranger’s sight, as well as other NPCs.

The game will give you new missions from time to time. The silly sense of humor in every quest appeals to everyone. Whether it’s playing golf in human clothes or invading the ranger’s house to do ridiculous things, players find a sense of freedom throughout the gameplay.

Not only that, but you can also go snow skiing, car racing, search for buried treasures, cook sausages, take a driving test, and many more. The world contains several NPCs, including humans and animals.

Since Sneaky Sasquatch is exclusively available with the Apple Arcade subscription, users will have to pay $4.99 per month (₹99/month in India) to access the games included in Apple Arcade.

5. Life is Strange: Before The Storm

Life is Strange: Before The Storm was first released in 2017 for PC and consoles, then recently got a port for Android and iOS devices. It is a prequel to the first Life is Strange game.

The graphic novel adventure makes up for the return of a teenager Chloe Price, who was previously seen as the side protagonist in the first game. The game is set three years prior to the first game’s events, but we won’t into details because of major spoilers.

Life is Strange: Before The Storm features the same beautiful artwork that was used in the previous games. The choice and consequence driven narrative sequences also make a return, and the game has multiple endings depending on the player’s choices.

It is recommended you play the game with a controller since the touch controls here aren’t the strongest suit. LiS: BTS does feature an original set of soundtracks, so make sure to use a pair of earphones for the best experience.

The first episode of Life is Strange: Before The Storm can be downloaded for free, but the rest of the episodes will cost you separately.

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