Top 5 Best iOS Apps For November 2019


Google’s Android OS currently dominates more than 75% of the mobile operating system market share worldwide. Compared to that, iOS holds a mere 22% of the market share. The Play Store hosts millions of apps and is the best platform to get big as a developer. However, the iOS App Store is much better in terms of app quality control, privacy, and security while hosting almost the same selection of apps as Android.

Here at TechCodex, we have been posting Top 5 Best Android Apps & Games every month. Now it’s time to give the same treatment to iOS. In this article, we have selected 5 best iOS apps for November 2019. You will find the App Store download link below every app.

1. Apollo: Immersive illumination

Changing lighting with Apollo

Apollo by Indice Ltd is a camera application that lets users add external light sources to photos taken in portrait mode. It is currently the only app to utilize the depth data of Apple’s signature portrait mode photos for generating lifelike light and shadow. Using a deep learning engine, Apollo maps the picture in 3D, which can be used to add real-time light sources. You can also manipulate the light color, intensity, and adjust the distance to illuminate your photos to your preference. The app user interface is suitable for both professionals and amateurs.

It takes immense computational power to render real-time light sources on a mobile system-on-chip. But Apple’s powerful custom GPU silicon and efficient processing algorithm makes it possible for Apollo to render such lights.

Adding or removing lighting naturally from a scene with limited resources is truly a technological achievement for mobile devices. At a one-time purchase of only ₹249 INR ($2.99 USD), you can try out the Apollo app and give your portrait images a new touch.

Note: You need an iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, XS Max, or the ones from the latest iPhone 11 lineup to take a photo in portrait mode.

2. 1Blocker

1Blocker for iOS

1Blocker is a must-have app for Safari users. It is the fastest Safari content blocker that elevates your browsing experience up a notch by automatically blocking ads, popups, trackers, mobile app banners, social media widgets, crypto-mining extensions, unwanted cookie notices, and more.

Developed by two indie app developers, 1Blocker is focused on making the web a safer place by protecting you from data collectors and activity loggers. The app has a zero-logs policy to keep user data and personal information secure.

1Blocker uses Safari’s content blocking API to feed block-requests to the browser. It has more than 120,000 blocker rules, custom regional ad blocking settings, and provides users the ability to hide specific page elements with CSS. Though these features are available in 1Blocker Premium, which we are going to discuss in a bit.

If you own multiple Apple devices, you can sync your 1Blocker configuration and custom rules between iOS, iPadOS, and macOS seamlessly.

You get all the essential functions in the free version of the 1Blocker app. However, some features like blocking cookies and hiding elements using CSS are exclusive to 1Blocker Premium. You can unlock the features with in-app purchases.

3. Shortcuts by Apple 


Shortcuts by Apple lets you create automated shortcuts for an app on your iPhone and iPad. You can then ask Siri to execute the shortcuts with your voice. The app has more than 300 actions with support for first-party apps, including Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Maps, Safari, Music, Photos, Camera, Health, as well as third-party apps that are compatible with Siri Shortcuts. 

You can make group calls, make PDFs instantly from Safari, open a specific webpage, attach a screenshot with a message, share a song you are listening to on social apps, make GIFs, start your daily commute, and so much more by using Siri or tapping an icon on the home screen.

For those who are looking forward to changing the way of interacting with smartphones forever, try out the Shortcuts app on your Apple device.

4. 1Password – Password Manager


It is always necessary to use a unique password for every site you visit. But soon after you sign up for multiple services, it becomes impossible to remember all of them. With 1Password Password Manager, you only have to remember a single master password to secure dozens of your login credentials, credit/debit card details, and much more. The easy-to-use app interface offers deep levels of customization for both casual and power users.

1Password also features a powerful password generator to generate impenetrable passwords. The app can also autofill your credentials, CC numbers, and addresses in supported iOS apps with your permission. It uses end-to-end encryption, so your data is always decrypted offline. The encryption keys do not get sent to an online database.

The app can also be used as an authenticator to generate two-factor authentication codes and use them at the time of signing in to a service. You can share your passwords, documents, and more with your friends and family members as well as sync your credentials between multiple platforms with 1Password password manager.

The app incorporates in-app purchases, so you can either pay $3.99/month (1 device) or $35.99/year to get access to additional 1Password features. They also provide a 30-day free trial for new members.

5. Vellum Wallpapers

Vellum Wallpapers

If you are the kind of person who likes to change their lock and home screen wallpapers daily on iPhone or iPad, then you better try Vellum Wallpapers once.

You can find hundreds of free hand-picked, high-quality wallpapers in different resolutions and screen sizes. There’s a lot of wallpapers packs to discover, with new ones being added regularly.

In case you want to add a blur effect on the wallpaper, you can do it directly from the Vellum Wallpapers app instead of using another one. The slider lets you control the blur effect and set it as your wallpaper instantly.

The app is entirely free to use but pushes ads for monetization. You can remove the ads with a one-time purchase of Vellum Premium for only ₹249 INR ($2.99 USD). You also get exclusive access to the last four weeks of limited daily wallpapers.

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