Top 5 Best iOS Apps For May 2020


The App Store for iPhone and iPad devices are loaded with excellent apps. However, most people are quite reluctant to go through the ocean of apps to find a better alternative for the apps they currently use.

Especially for those people, we try our best to feature five iOS apps every month on TechCodex, and this month is no exception. In this article, we have shortlisted the top 5 best iOS apps for May 2020. We also have included direct App Store download links so that you can try them out instantly on your Apple device.

1. Linea Sketch

For those who are trying to achieve excellence at digital sketching, Linea Sketch offers a fantastic platform for putting your imagination in the best way possible. Linea Sketch helps you with hassle-free painting and keeps you from all the mess of real-life painting tools. With hundreds of virtual artistic tools and an unlimited range of colors, Linea Sketch is a dream come true for all wannabe or commissioned artists.

With the right balance of power and control, Linea Sketch gives you a grip on creating small details as it focuses on your creation rather than focusing on tools. A vast spectrum of colors, with your customization in a single tap, makes Linea different from all other painting apps. You can also move a part of your painting in a desirable area and adjust it by resizing or rotating in any way you want it to be. Linea lets you save all your previously customized colors to save your time, and lets you use them for later purposes. To create an illusion, you can also import images from local or cloud storage and adjust them as per your choice.

Linea makes it handy to create a perfectly straight line or any other geometric shape with the help of ZipLine. Just like most of the painting apps, Linea also has a Touch Eraser to wipe out your mistakes with your finger keeps your hands clean and mess-free. Linea gives you access to a wide range of artistic pencils to define your painting, even the smaller ones. The painter can also use Apple Pencil to create intuitive details in his content. Other than the tools, Linea Sketch gives you a possible range of paper textures and backgrounds which you can portrait your imagination on. Linea makes possible undo and even redo with two-finger tap and three-finger gesture taps, respectively. Linea supports split-screen mode just in case you need it on an iPad.

Linea Sketch provides a new feature called Time-Lapse, in which you can make a video of your painting as you progress. You can also control from which part your Time-Lapse video starts and ends. You can always pause and re-start your video at any time you want. 

Although Linea Sketch is a free-to-use the app, subscribing to this app gives you interruption-free painting and also removes watermarks from your canvas on your exported artwork. You can also get it free for a year if you purchase it from Apple Arcade. Except for artwork, Linea also lets you take notes or doodles at any time you want. Without the real-life canvases and colorful messes, Linea keeps your art within your Apple device and keeps your hands clean for handy purposes.

2. Tunity

Tunity lets you hear live muted TVs. Suppose, you are in a bar or restaurant with a muted TV and you see your favorite song or your favorite team is coming up, Tunity helps you to hear them out with a single tap on your smartphone.

If you want to hear a muted TV, open the Tunity app camera and simply scan the TV with it and wait for a moment to select the channel and exact timing of what you are watching and synchronize the audio streaming through your headphone or connected Bluetooth speaker. Tunity has a feature called Quick Tune, lets you auto-save those channels you have listened to, and you can play it later on without having to rescan it. As a venue owner, you can also become a Tunity partner venue without having any hardware installed.

Although Tunity does not support any online content from YouTube or additional streaming services, it works excellent for most linear television channels. It is natively compatible with the Apple AirPods.

3. Alarmy

You may think why do we need an extra app for alarm when we have it built-in iOS. Well, Alarmy is a specialized app that makes you wake up every day in various fun ways. 

Unlike regular alarms, Alarmy not only alerts you on time but also wakes you up ‘perfectly’ on time without getting late with varieties of mode selections. With Photo Mode, you have to turn off the alarm by completing a simple task like clicking the photo of a registered place. So before you know, you already awake to complete that task, or else Alarmy won’t stop. Alarmy also has a math-problem mode, where you have to solve a mathematical problem to prevent that alarm. You can also control the level of difficulty in math problems in case it’s much harder for you to wake up in the morning.

With the help of shake mode, you can also use some exercises in bed by shaking your phone in registered goals. Memory game mode also makes your morning games better by memorizing moves in given directions.

If you do not want yourself to wake up by startling with the high volume of alarms, Alarmy is the right choice for you. Unlike normal clock apps, Alarmy slowly increases its volume rather than super loud at first and makes sure you don’t wake up for an important day with a headache. You can also check today’s weather on a super bright white screen, which quickly drives away all the sleepiness in you. Other than that, Alarmy provides a vast range of beautiful and amazing wallpapers to start your day with. 

Labeled as the “World’s Most Annoying Alarm App,” Alarmy is actually in the list of top 10 apps in more than 80 countries, including France, Germany, and South Korea. The uniqueness of different modes make this alarm app apart from other digital alarm apps, as well as make your sleep miserable. If you are tired of using Photo Mode and Shake Mode, you can also unlock new modes that put you to the challenge typing and walking in the morning by subscribing to Alarmy Premium. 

Alarmy is an ideal problem solver for those who have difficulty waking up in time. Alarmy has multiple options for the situation to go through by different types of sleepers. It not only wakes you up but also has a feature that makes you fall asleep right away with soothing sounds. Alarmy does have a ‘Wake Up Check’ option that saves you from snoozing again. Thus it forces you to wake up on time. If your main objective is to wake up early, then install Alarmy right away and wake up every morning with new tasks.

4. Afterlight

If you have a constant urge to edit your photos perfect for your social media, then Afterlight is an excellent solution for your need. With incredibly high-quality filters and 20+ advanced tools, Afterlight is the most unique and easy-to-use photo editor of all time.

Afterlight is an all-in-one app as it offers a massive collection of filters. This library is refreshed with new filters almost every day and gives you a wide range of possible edits of your photo. You can also control hue/saturation/lightness and many more. Enhanced adjustment tools are also easily accessible.

Afterlight even provides you a finishing-touch in your photo with light leaks, natural dust textures, and so on. You may also select your choice of Frame or border and customize the color of it as per your own choice. Besides, you can also insert your quotes or lines while editing your picture, and choose fonts from 150+ original designs.

Afterlight is user-friendly as it promises easy-to-use for both newbies and experienced photo editors. To unlock all the features and tools, you can pay for the life-time membership with a 7-day free trial. It is priced at ₹2,799 on the App Store.

5. Just Press Record

As the name shows, only a single tap is all it takes to record, transcript, and sync it to the iCloud from your Apple device with the help of Just Press Record. You can also edit your recorded voice or transcriptions, or start a new recording in hands-free mode with Siri. 

Whether it be an important speech or a spontaneous idea, you can always record efficiently with Just Press Record on your iPhone, iPad, and even on your Apple Watch. JPR lets you start a new recording using a Siri shortcut for navigating throughout the app just by using your voice. The only thing you have to do to start, stop, pause, and resume the recording is to tap on the recording button.

This user-friendly app JPR gives you unlimited recording time, so you do not have to worry about it to stop recording in the middle of a speech. In case of emergency, you can record with the Apple Watch and sync in later on your suitable time with your Apple devices. Just Press Record also has a quick-touch action that lets you start and stop recording from the Lock screen widget. You can always adjust your playback speed and also seek reverse and forward during playback. The best feature that makes JPR individuals from other recording apps is Transcription. You may turn your recorded voice into the searchable text instantly with the help of this JPR app. It can natively transcript 30+ languages, which makes it independent from your device’s language setting.

JPR also gives a visual representation of your recording wavelengths and gives you precise control to cut out the audio part that you don’t need in your recording. JPR can make auto-corrections and helps you add texts to your transcriptions. For high-quality voice recording, you can also use external microphones connected via the charging port of your device.

Just Press Record is the best recording app you can get under ₹399. If you want to write down an idea that just stuck in your head or a song name you want to remember later, Just Press Record is just the on-the-go solution you have been looking for your entire life.

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