Top 5 Best iOS Apps For January 2021


Unlike Android, the App Store is the only app marketplace for iPhone and iPad devices. Over two million apps are available on the App Store, but most of us don’t even install more than a dozen apps on our mobile devices.

Obviously, it isn’t easy to find hidden gems under the pile of featured apps on the App Store, which is why we curate a list of iOS apps for you to try every month. The following shortlist contains our picks for the top 5 best iOS apps in January 2021. If you find any of the apps useful, simply tap the App Store icon below it to get redirected to the download page. 

1. Dark Sky Weather

Apple acquired the Dark Sky Weather app a few months ago. It’s currently the top weather app in the App Store, with over 200K ratings and 5-star reviews. It is packed with different features, and the regular updates make it more integrated with Apple’s software ecosystem.

Dark Sky delivers real-time hyperlocal weather details and precise forecasts. You get minute-by-minute weather forecasts for the next hour, as well as hour-by-hour predictions for the next week.

One of the best parts of using Dark Sky is its beautiful radar animations. It takes advantage of real-time weather data and processing algorithms to generate the path of a storm, including how it’s moving now and where it’s going next.

The Dark Sky Weather app is also known for its advanced notification options. You get instant alerts before there’s a moderate (e.g., rain) or severe (e.g., flooding, thunderstorms) change of weather at your exact location. You also get to create your own custom notifications for temperature, precipitation, wind, and other weather variables to be covered in the next 24 hours.

Besides, you can explore historical weather data for a particular day from the “Time Machine” menu. It also shows you future weather predictions based on data collected from seasonal averages.

With the widgets introduced in iOS 14, Dark Sky has also added its own weather widget that lets users take a peek at hourly and weekly weather forecasts without even opening the app. If you have an Apple Watch running watchOS 7, you also can add a Dark Sky watch complication.

In case you are in search of a premium weather app, Apple’s Dark Sky is all you need. It has an elegant UI design that feels like an integrated part of the iOS and iPadOS software ecosystem. Its use of radar animations is also the best in class. The weather app costs $3.99 on the App Store.

2. Afterlight Photo Editor

Looking to give your photos an artistic touch? Consider using Afterlight on your iPhone or iPad. It has advanced editing tools, high-quality photo filters, and real film textures, and many more. It’s also free to use.

Afterlight gives users access to an ever-expanding library of 130+ unique filters created by professional photographers with different scenarios in mind. You can download and add filter packs of your liking whenever you wish.

The photo editor also offers 60+ overlays and textures, allowing you to add finishing touches to your shots. You can insert light leaks, natural dust textures, and add the effect of disposable films with the Chroma tool. The Color Shift tool also lets you make granular shifts to the RGB channels. Additionally, adjustment options like curves, hue, saturation, brightness, gradients, and grain allow you to make precise edits to your photos.

Afterlight also offers 120+ unique fonts and 150+ designs that you can put in your artwork. You get to customize each layer with an unlimited color palette, masking, and drop shadow tools. Before you export your edit, you can add a border to it as well.

While Afterlight does offer most of its features for free, a few of the advanced tools are locked behind a subscription. The monthly and yearly membership costs $2.99 and $17.99, respectively. If you find Afterlight’s versatility useful, you can pay $35.99 for the lifetime membership instead.

3. Mealime 

If you are picky about your food habits, try out the Mealime app. It’s a simple and easy-to-use meal planner that lets you build up a meal plan based on your lifestyle and unique tastes. From classic, low carb, keto, vegetarian, and vegan diet types to lactose-free, gluten-free, and several other restrictions, you can personalize your meal plan to your particular needs.

Once you build your meal plan, the app automatically creates a grocery list of all necessary ingredients. It helps you get in-store shopping done in minutes and saves you from buying a bunch of extra items that you won’t even need. The app works with leading grocery shopping apps as well. When you finally are in the kitchen, you can follow the step-by-step instructions to cook a healthy meal in about thirty minutes or less.

Mealime will adjust your personalized meal plan every week with new and easy-to-cook healthy recipes. Every recipe contains a list of complete nutrition facts, so you know what you are eating. Its deep integration with the Apple Health app also makes it easy to see your comprehensive health information in one place.

You can download and use Mealime on your iPhone and iPad for free. Should you ever need more meal planning options, pay for the monthly ($5.99) or yearly ($49.99) subscription to upgrade to Mealime Meal Planner Pro.

4. Reflectly

It’s important to have private space for yourself in this era of interconnectivity and social media platforms. How you feel on a daily basis does matter a lot. Reflectly offers just that, a personal journaling app that you can use to write down your feeling every day. It has a smart mood tracker designed to help you improve your mindfulness, self-care, and increase your motivation.

Reflectly provides the tools to assist you in building a positive mindset. Its AI-based intelligent journal system creates personalized insights and reminders for you. Based on your entries, the app will ask you questions so that you can go through self-improvements. When you wish to reflect deeper, you can read your previous journal entries anytime.

Doctors and therapists suggest journaling as the ideal method to improve mental health and combat anxiety. If you are looking to make your lifestyle healthier, Reflectly is the first step to your self-care routine. You can track your progress and gain insights into your mood as you continue making improvements.

Reflectly is free on the App Store. However, some of its premium features are accessible only when you pay for the Reflectly Premium subscription. It costs $9.99/month and $59.99/year.

5. Everpix

If you love changing your iPhone or iPad’s wallpaper daily, Everpix is a must-have on your device. It offers a huge collection of high-quality wallpapers for different themes and occasions. The wallpapers are designed to fit every screen size and look crystal-clear on Retina displays.

You can browse through different wallpaper collections by category and get a preview of how a wallpaper looks on your home or lock screen. New wallpapers are added pretty much every day so that you never stop personalizing the backdrops.

The free version of Everpix has in-app advertisements that you can get rid of with the Everpix Premium subscription. Alternatively, you can pay the one-time cost of $9.99 for the Everpix Pro app, which is free of ads.


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