Top 5 Best iOS Apps For December 2019


2020 is knocking at the door, and so are new apps getting added to the App Store. We have once again returned with a new list of top 5 best iOS apps for December 2019. If you are looking for a variety of apps for your iPhone that suits your needs, you are in the right place. We have included newly released apps in this list, and also a few old ones that you might have missed in the App Store. You will find download links below every app.

1. Enlight Pixaloop

Enlight Pixaloop is a unique photo editing app that lets you animate your photos and bring them to life. The award-winning developer Lightricks is already known for its professional photo and video editing app suite.

With Pixaloop, you can select multiple elements of a photo and animate them in a couple of taps. The variety of tools can be used by both casual and professionals. You can adjust the speed of the animations and use the Freeze brush to freeze specific areas of animation to improve the photo further.

Pixaloop also offers loads of animated AI filters. This includes animated water, colorful sky with automated clouds, geometric patterned movements for inanimate objects, realtime hair and cloth movement, and many more.

The overlays let you add cinematic effects in a static photo. You have full control over the movement direction and speed.

Whether it is a static butterfly or a cup of coffee, Pixaloop can animate anything. All of the masterpieces you create can be exported in several lossless formats optimized for social media platforms.

This fantastic photo editing app is free to download. However, many of the features we just talked about are locked under a subscription plan. You can either choose to pay ₹319 INR ($3.99) monthly or a one-time payment of ₹3,999 INR ($59.99).

2. w/ WARP

Are you worried about your security and privacy on the web? If yes, then you should try out the w/ WARP app from Cloudflare. It is one of the best smart DNS resolvers for always-connected devices. Instead of masking your real IP address and location, WARP encrypts your network traffic and passes all packet requests through Cloudflare’s private DNS servers. This effectively eliminates the possibility of someone snooping on your web activities. Although Cloudflare has a policy of storing user data for two years, it has built up a strong reputation for keeping sensitive user information safe from data leaks.

The app interface is straightforward. It has a single toggle to enable and disable the DNS encryption service. The service will run in the background until you manually disable it. w/ WARP is entirely free to use. However, Cloudflare also offers a WARP+ premium plan. It provides the same set of features as the free version but utilizes a feature called Argo Smart Routing. It auto-routes your traffic around network congestion using the fastest possible path for improved performance. WARP+ pricing varies based on region. It is ₹69/month in India and $4.99/month in the US.

3. Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver app is a life-saving app for students. It uses an advanced AI math processing engine to solve complex mathematical problems instantly. Alongside the results, it also shows you a step-by-step breakdown of the math problem to help you understand the process. The app suggests solving similar problems and recommends you to watch video tutorials on various math concepts.

You can solve an equation by either scanning it using the device camera or draw it on screen. The scanner can recognize both printed and handwritten text. You can also use the built-in scientific calculator to type out complex equations. Check out the list of some of the math concepts that this app can solve below.

  • Basic: Arithmetic, real, decimal, complex numbers, integers, powers, roots, factors, LCM, GCD.
  • Algebra: Linear equations/inequalities, radicals and exponents, matrices, logarithms, quadratic equations, systems of equations, graphing, polynomials, rational expressions
  • Calculus: Limits, derivatives, summations, curve sketching, integrals.
  • Statistics: Factorials, mean, median, mode, deviation, permutation and combinations.

It is absolutely free and doesn’t contain any in-app advertisements. There are no additional subscriptions to look out for.

4. Noto

If you are in search of a simple note-taking app for your iPhone or iPad, our recommendation for you is to use Noto. It lets you bold, italicize, and underline texts like a standard text editor. You can also put strikethroughs and highlight texts directly from the editor.

Noto’s focus on text formatting truly makes it an excellent notes app. You can insert bulleted, numbered, and check lists, attach tables, images, code blocks, math equations, and more. Noto is also available for macOS, making it possible to sync your notes between your iOS and Mac devices. The notes can be exported in multiple formats, including PNG and JPG.

Dark mode lovers can rejoice as this app has a dark theme toggle. The UI is polished and intuitive. It looks clean, and there are no obtrusive ads in the interface.

Noto is free to use, but attachments and export options are exclusive to Noto Pro. It costs ₹79 ($0.99) per month. You can also purchase Noto Pro for ₹1,949 ($24.99) and keep it forever.

5. Omni Wallpapers

iOS is generally very limited in terms of customization unless you jailbreak it. Most of us probably don’t want to void the device warranty, so we should stick wallpaper customization to give the home screen a new look.

Omni Wallpapers in a new wallpaper app that gives users access to thousands of high-quality backdrops for the iOS lock screen and home screen. You can choose from dozens of wallpaper categories as per your liking. The high-resolution wallpapers are accurately color corrected to match the vibrancy of the OLED display found on iPhone X, XS, XS Max, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

The wallpaper catalog is updated with new wallpapers daily, and you receive suggestions on the Discover page. The search function is available too. You get the option to set wallpapers directly from the app.

Omni Wallpapers is a free app. But there are in-app purchases tied to exclusive wallpapers.

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