Top 5 Best Android Games For May 2020


With the mass availability of smartphones with powerful hardware inside, mobile gaming has never been this big. In recent years, games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and Call of Duty Mobile has revolutionized mobile gaming and pushed smartphone manufacturers to push powerful hardware at affordable prices.

Now, not everyone likes to game hours upon hours on their smartphone. However, the current situation has put most of us locked inside four walls. In such times, a few hours of gaming won’t kill you, but it will definitely kill your boredom.

This is why we are back again with another shortlist of the top 5 best Android games for May 2020. We have tried to include games that are quite underrated in the Play Store and discussed them in detail. You can check them out below.

1. Oddmar

Oddmar starts the journey of his life through this game, basically trying to prove his worth in his village. As his fellow Vikings persistently avoid him, he wants to regain his respect by getting rid of his squandered potential. One day, Oddmar finally gets his opportunity to prove himself, and thus the journey of his struggle starts. Throughout this game, every detail of the challenges is fantastic. Oddmar takes you to the whole new level of adventures through some magical forests, mountains, and sometimes unpredictable dangers in mines.

The game itself is beautifully designed the story of Oddmar’s encounter with his enemies and friends. Combining all four chapters, Oddmar offers you a total of 24 stages to challenge yourself with. After each chapter you complete, it gives you an additional boss level you have to survive through. Apart from this, there are some dreamworld stages which are somewhat like the bonus levels found in any other games. All-in-all the length of the game will take around five to six hours of play, depending on your performance skills. After all these, you can always replay the stages you have survived through previously in order to set records on the shortest runs or to collect all the special coins in all levels.

With beautiful graphics, excellent animations, and exciting game plot, Oddmar lets you discover your power with magically enchanted weapons and shields. Although to unlock the second chapter of Oddmar, you have to make an in-app purchase of ₹310, which is totally worth the price. With stunning visuals, detailed cinematics, and excellent background phenomena make Oddmar one of the best Android games of all time.

2. Sky: Children of the Light

The most heart-warming story of Sky is made by the award-winning developer behind Journey (Game of the Year 2013) and makes a ground-breaking social adventure to lift your spirit up. In this complete role-playing game, the players appear to be the Children of the Light to spread hope through the barren kingdom in order to return shooting stars to their constellations.

While the beautifully-animated kingdom of Sky is enchanted by all the Collectibles, Cosmetics, and Expressions, there are seven unique realms to visit. Each of the realms is themed to be different stages of life. Throughout the game, the player will have to encounter the spirits in order to get in-game currency. Players can also search for “lost stars” that give the player “winged light.” After collecting enough winged light, the cape level of the player goes up, which increases their “wing energy” to fly further.

In the game of Sky, the player can befriend one another and unlock new abilities such as chat and sharing gifts. The game allows up to 8 players to be connected, which is a much more complex dynamic. The player can also enjoy customizing their character and team up to adventure into darker realms. Throughout the game, enjoy a magical experience with music and create harmonies together. However, highly critical of the touch controls and the lack of control it gives your character, some have reported waiting until console or PC release to play this game. On the positive view, Sky has been reported as the most positive and peaceful game that one has ever seen. The sky is designed to create rules and space to encourage people to take care of each other. Though the players can’t communicate with each other via voice chat and also there is no option to manage your controls in your favor. 

Despite all these drawbacks, Sky promises you amazing graphics with great ambiance, visuals, marvelous soundtracks, and a smooth controller, which almost makes you forget that you are playing on mobile. High-level beauty of aesthetic experience and amazing social interaction experience makes Sky perfect for all types of gamers.

3. Microsoft Wordament

If you want to take a break from the stress and tantrums of role-playing games, then Microsoft Wordament is the best choice of all time. Immerse yourself with never-ending fun with hundreds of non-timed puzzle games and new daily challenges. Reward yourself by earning new badges and complete the levels on the adventure map one-by-one. 

The English language version of Microsoft Wordament consists of a 4×4 grid of letters from the English alphabet. Players have to form meaningful words by dragging a finger across the letters in order to score points in a given time limit. Each game lasts only for 2 minutes. Wordament consists of multiple rounds, including speed round. In this round, every word has an associated score of 13 points regardless of its length or components. In the Either/Or Round, a particular tile out of the sixteen is treated as representing either of two different letters. There is a total of 80 levels in Wordament, from which you can skip one or two depending on how many levels you have passed with three stars and how early you are out of the 80 levels.

Wordament tracks your headway by maintaining rich statistics about your gameplay, which includes your best word found, total score, best word count, first-place finishes, and many more. To become a pro in this game, you can always utilize smaller words to gain points. Rotating the grid is always a good option in case you are unable to form words. In the speed round, smaller words like ‘man,’ ‘can,’ ‘van’ will gain you equal points a much as long words. You can always earn extra points by looking for the letter ‘S’ as it helps you to make plural forms. Wordament even lets you brag about your personal best by climbing the ranks and earning the achievements.

One of the most addictive games, Wordament is an all-time favorite for all ages. In-app microtransactions are heavily integrated into the game, priced around ₹160 to ₹280 for a single item. With more than 100,000+ installations, Wordament challenges you to play with thousands at once. You can always test your vocabulary skills by performing against other players in this game.

4. Red Ball 4

One of the most popular flash games of all time is the Red Ball series. Millions have played this side-scrolling arcade game, and now you play the fourth reimagined iteration of the Red Ball franchise on your Android smartphone.

Red Ball 4 consists of five chapters. Each of them offers 15 action-packed levels, including a final boss fight arena. Throughout the 75 levels, you control the iconic Red Ball, journeying across the green hills, deep forests, box factories, caves, and even the Moon. His main target is to save the world from evil minions who are trying to squeeze his planet into a square shape.

The reimagined version of Red Ball 4 also brings back the realistic physics system, which is integrated into the gameplay, as well as quirky puzzles. Although the art style has remained authentic, the graphics have improved by quite a significant bit. The game also features original soundtracks for each chapter.

If you are not a fan of touch controls, then you can also use a wired or wireless controller to play Red Ball 4. In case you have multiple Android devices, the game automatically syncs your progress across all of your devices via the Google Play Games cloud save feature.

Red Ball 4 is a free-to-play game. However, it does have in-app advertisements, which can be removed for a single fee of ₹20. Buying the game also gets rid of the limited respawns and lets you reload to level checkpoints unlimited times.

5. Really Bad Chess

If you are even remotely interested in chess or other strategy-based games, then definitely give ‘Really Bad Chess’ a try. It is developed by NoodleCake Studios, which we have often featured in our previous lists of top 5 best Android games.

Really Bad Chess is an imbalanced chess game with totally random pieces. Instead of following the classic set-piece layout, it generates a chessboard full of oddly placed chess pieces. It opens up a world of new challenges for experienced chess players, as well as those who are entirely new to the concept of chess.

The free version of the game features several AI versus game modes, including daily board, weekly challenge, ranked mode, and Freeplay. The paid version of ‘Really Bad Chess’ unlocks a lot of new features, adding a 1v1 game mode so that you enjoy a bad game of chess with your friends as well. Really Bad Chess even features Play Games achievements, which puts you up to really difficult challenges.

If you pay the asking ₹240 price for the paid version, then you can also undo and restore chess pieces on any game mode, except the ranked one. It also removes in-app banner advertisements, alongside a sweet night mode theme.

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