Top 5 Best Android Games for March 2019


Nowadays, Gaming has been one of the most entertaining activity. Android has been one of the best and the most popular platform where one can find his ideal game, no matter which genre he is looking for. There are millions of Games launched every month on the Play Store. And so, it became difficult for us to check out each and every game. But don’t worry, we have shortlisted the 5 best new Android Games for March 2019. So make sure to check them out!

1. RAID: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends is the new most popular MMORPG having stunning graphics. Battle with hundreds of Champions from 16 playable characters in a Dark World. Win battles and unlock champions to enlarge your team with Legends. Make your best team to defeat the enemies and their powerful bosses.

Not only as a team but also you get chances to head on with enemies in PVP arena. You have to build and upgrade your own fortress and have to manage your Shards, train your Champions for battles and many more. Defeat your enemies and earn some special gears and climb to the global rankings.

This RPG has been launched just a few weeks ago and got overwhelming support with over 1M download hits on PlayStore. The best thing about this game is its compact size. Even though it carries high-end graphics but its size varies under 90MB which make sure to run smoothly even on mid-range phones.

2. Downhill Masters

Downhill Masters is one of the most interesting Urban-Style Downhill racing game. Pick up your mountain bike, tighten your gloves and jump to the extreme competition with three other players. Reach first to the finish line to win the competition. Every time you wins, you earn experience points which help you further to unlock different professional bikers.

In addition to experience points, you get several game resources too which help you to buy helmets, clothes, bike parts, and other things which allow you to grow from amateurs to professional riders. This is an offline game so you don’t need an internet connection. No matter where you are, Just pick up your device and start racing to become the best racer.

Once for a while, you get a chance to prove yourself in the World Grand Prix where you head on with 28 champions in a 1-on-1 match to win the great title. You get all of this non-stop entertainment in a package of 190MB. This game is available in 17 languages. So, pick up your own language and start playing now.

3. AxE: Alliance vs Empire

This is another MMORPG in our list. Alliance vs Empire is a Massive Open World Fantasy where you join a guild and fight together with the enemies in an intense battle. AxE comes with high-end graphics to give you a realistic experience of battles just like you get on PC or Consoles.

Play online with your friends and millions of players worldwide. Fight alone to the enemies in a single player battle or battle with your team against a 4-vs-4 battle in competitive mode. You also get a chance to represent your guild in large scale PvP battles to emerge as the best.

Explore more than 20 unique areas from deadly deserts to Lakeside plains. Customize and upgrade your weapon, armor, and special abilities to improve your odds of survivals. This is a high-end MMORPG which comes in a small package size of just 83MB. However, due to its high-end graphics, you need to have a good phone with a powerful specification to play this game smoothly.

4. ArmaJet

Let’s dive into the futuristic Sci-fi Multiplayer RPG game to save your planet. ArmaJet is a real-time online multiplayer combat game where you have to fight against your enemies to safeguard your planet. Fight as a one-man army or join your friends to fight together for air supremacy!

This is a PvP shooter game where you are loaded with different powerful weapons. With over 700 weapon modes, customize your weapon to keep you on in the action. This game is loaded with high-end graphics, sound, and physics to give you a realistic fighting experience.

You can also create your own clan or join to others to fight together and improve your ranking on the leaderboards. Earn badges and pride for you and your clan. ArmaJet is still under its development period,  you can check it out on the PlayStore.

5. Bullet League

Bullet League is a 2D Battle Royale with fast-paced action and adventure. Like most of the battle royale games, this is also a real-time multiplayer action game with interesting gameplay features. Fight against other players on a mystical island to survive in the game to become the best.

Fight against other players in a multiplayer battle or challenge your friends for a friendly battle. You are given a cool variety of Weapons to remove your odds of survival in the game. Bullet League features explosive visual effects and graphics for amazing playing experience.

Discover a different world where you fight to other players to survive in the game. Get to the supply drops to have top-tier weapons. Overall, this is a great 2D battle royale in a compact package of just 62 MB. As of now, this game is still in its development period. However, you can give it a try!

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