Top 5 Best Android Games For December 2019


The Play Store offers a lot of high-quality games from various developers. But the vast game catalog makes it harder to spot hidden gems. This is why we are back with a new list of the top 5 best Android Games for December 2019.

We have briefly discussed the unique story, gameplay characteristics, graphics, and control schemes of each game on this list. You will also find download links for all the games listed in this article.

1. Lumino City

Lumino City is an award-winning puzzle game with special art design. Instead of using digital sprites, the art designers have used their skills of paper folding to make miniature elements in a complex 10-foot tall city model. Everything you will see on-screen is made out of cardboard, paper, glue, miniature lights, and motors. Most of the objects are interactive too.

Your goal is to explore Lumino City and figure out various puzzles to find Lumi’s grandfather, who has been kidnapped. The vast open-world takes you beyond the city borders and lets you discover more. Each puzzle makes you think out of the box and tests your puzzle-solving skills.

The game was made to familiarize players with renewable energy technologies which are a big part of the gameplay. Most of the puzzles in the game involve powering up a location using sustainable energy, such as lemons. An instruction manual in the game lets players learn more about some of the applications of these renewable energies.

You can purchase Lumino City for ₹430.00 ($4.99 in the US) from the Google Play Store. The game has cloud sync support, so you can play it on multiple Android devices.

2. Ordia – One finger platformer

Ordia is a scrolling platformer game where you play as a new gooey life form that needs to jump, slide, and bounce its way through a strange, colorful, dangerous, and challenging environment.

There are 30 levels set across three worlds. You start out each level in a pool of green goo. From there, you have to launch the gooey creature towards other launch points while avoiding various deadly red-colored creatures on the way. It needs precise aim and fresh tactics to avoid new elements as you make progress. The challenge modes make the game replayable and offer additional achievements and bonus rewards.

The gameplay and controls are simple. The soundtrack is pretty relaxing, and it pleasingly changes with each level. The animations feel smooth, and it runs quite good on low-end devices because of the minimal graphics.

Although Ordia is free on the Play Store, it is locked to a couple of levels only. An additional in-app purchase is required to unlock the full game, which is ₹299 ($4 in the US).

3. Witcheye

Witcheye is a new action-adventure game from the publishers of Hotline Miami, DevolverDigital. You get to experience the story of a friendly witch. The story takes a quick turn when a smarmy knight steals all the magical ingredients of the witch on the order of a wizard. The witch transforms into the “flying eyeball of vengeance” to chase down the knight and defeat hostile creatures on the way.

With over 50 levels spread across six vibrant and hazardous worlds, Witcheye features 100+ enemies, mini-bosses, and bosses scattered across the levels. There’s a unique hard mode you can unlock in the game, which remixes the enemies and increases the difficulty of every level up by a notch.

The game consists of a pixel art design and over 30 original music tracks. It resembles the aesthetics of the 90’s arcade platformers. Witcheye lacks on-screen buttons and forces players to use gestures to control the movements of the flying eyeball. The controls are easy to understand but hard to master.

For only ₹250.00 (USD 2.99), you can join the adventures of the flying eyeball of vengeance. Witcheye is worth every single penny and definitely one of the best platformer games available for Android devices.

4. PUBG Mobile Lite

You have probably heard or played PUBG on PC or mobile at this point. However, the game is graphically intensive and runs poorly on low-end devices.

PUBG Mobile Lite fixes this issue. The game is built on a heavily optimized version of Unreal Engine 4, which utilizes as little CPU, GPU, and memory resources as possible. This makes it compatible with low-end devices and provides a smooth battle royale experience.

The game features a smaller 2 x 2 km island compared to its significantly bigger counterparts in the original PUBG Mobile game. The player count has also been decreased from 100 to 60 in each match. Not only it reduces the load on CPU resources but it also makes standard matches fast-paced.

Although the game lacks any form of gun recoil and bullet jump mechanics, it tries to keep the traditional PUBG experience as it is in the original game. You can still invite your friends to play squad matches and use voice chat to communicate. It does also have a 4v4 team deathmatch mode, clan system, as well as cosmetic loot boxes.

PUBG Mobile Lite is free to download with an approximate download size of 47MB. It contains in-app purchases for cosmetic upgrades (weapons and outfits) and virtual UC credits.

5. Golf Blitz

Golf Blitz is a unique golf game that puts you face to face with other players in real-time online matches. Your main objective is to launch the ball in the golf post before your enemies in a random golf course and use 16 different power-ups like grenades, lasers, and sticky balls to decimate your opponents. Up to 4 players can join a single match and race each other to victory.

As you level up and earn XP, you unlock new skill sets, golfer avatars and hats for customization. You can play friendly matches with your friends, chat in-game, and compete with them in the team leaderboards.

Golf Blitz is available for free on the Play Store and contains microtransactions for buying in-game currency and exclusive avatars.

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