Top 5 Best Android Games for April 2019


Mobile gaming has become the most popular activity worldwide. And why not it should be? It is one of the fastest growing technology ever exists. And when it comes to mobile gaming, Android is the best platform having millions of Games onboard. With the latest updates of Android, the quality of Games on this platform is continuously increasing at a faster rate. Thousands of Games launches every month on PlayStore, and so, it becomes challenging to find the worth one. But for you, here we have shortlisted Top 5 best new Android Games for April 2019 which comes with best in class graphics and gameplay. So, make sure to check them out!

1. Invincible Battleship

If you are a fan of World War 2 warfare games, then this game is just for you. Invincible Battleship will drop you to the sea battle in World War 2. You are the commander of your battleship and need to destroy the enemies battleship until the last finishes out. Get the command over some of the mighty WW2 battleships and start full-scale missile bombing!

Invincible Battleship features Stunning graphics and realistic combat environments where you fight against your enemies to embark your superiority. You come across with a variety of mighty warships to choose from in the game to take out the best machines in the sea. Some of the high-calibre warships come with Drone support, automatic navigation missiles, and full-scale protective covers.

Invincible Battleship is an offline game which let you to play this game even if you don’t have an internet connection. Also, this game is available for free on PlayStore and comes with a small package size of 54 MB. Due to its small package size, it can smoothly run on almost every mid-range Android device without any lag. So, if you haven’t played this game yet, give it a try!

2. Stunt Bike Hero

Motocross games have been one of the most loved games for many years. And why they won’t be? They took the players to the marvellous world of motocross stunts where they are free to perform stunts of their choice. One such newly launched game is Stunt Bike Hero. This game lets you to jump into the free world where you can perform cool stunts and tricks to amaze the peoples around you.

Play one of the craziest stunt bike simulation games and feel the excitement and thrill of a stunt biker. This is a side view bike stunt game features high-quality graphics and fantastic gameplay. You are required to finish almost 20 challenging levels to prove yourself the best of the best. Each level comes with harder challenges with different hurdles in your path. If you made yourself to pass through these obstacles, you would become the proud winner.

Stunt Bike Hero is available for free of costs, and it doesn’t require any internet connection to run. Means, you can complete your missions wherever you are even if you are out of the connection. Also, this game comes in a small package size of just 68 MB making it smoothly run on the device. So, what are you waiting for, pick up your riding gears and helmet and jump to your bike to perform some cool stunts!

3. Bullet of Legend: Sniper GXS

Bullet of Legend is a nonstop, action-packed free shooting game full of story and thrill. In this game, you are going to play the role of a sharp-shooter sniper where you need to neutralise targeted enemy soldiers & spies. You are given with some advanced Sniper guns & weapons to help you to shoot the correct target.

Bullet of Legend is a story based gameplay where you have been dropped in several high-profile missions to be accomplished. You have to show your real sniper shooting skills in killing against terrorists & state criminals. In addition, you need to clear those bad guys who are robbing the innocent, hacking the intelligence reports, killing & shooting hostages, planning the drug dealing crime, mafia gangs escaping, etc.

This game comes with high-end graphics with realistic gameplay. Even after such amazing features, this game is made available to players for free of costs and comes under a small package size of just 21 MB. It features smooth and easy customizable controls allowing you to customise the screens in the way you want them to be. So, if you haven’t tried this game yet, give it a try!

4. Modern Ops – Action Shooter

If you are fond of playing shooting game then Modern Ops – Action Shooter is the best game for you. This game features high-resolution graphics with modern shooting experience. Just jump into the battle and start showing your shooting skill to your enemy. Clear more and more missions to earn badges and get promoted to the next level.

You are given with more than 30 modern guns, pistols, and camos. Choose your own tactics and firearms for battle: sniper, shotgun, machine gun or assault rifles. This is a multiplayer game where ten players are dropped into a remote area where they have to battle against each other to win the battle. You can either jump into the war as a one-man army or can go with your teammates to fight together against others.

Use killstreaks such as drone strike, sentry gun, and even rocket launcher to make your strategy unique one to stand against your enemies and defeat them. Earn rewards, points, and badges and use them to unlock different weapons and buy ammo for them. This is one of the most interesting FPS game on Android under a small package size of just 55 MB. So overall, it worth checking out!

5. City Drift Racing

And at the end of our list, City Drift Racing reserves its place. How can we not consider a racing game in our list if we are considering the top 5 games of April 2019. City Drift Racing is a newly launched racing game on Android featuring a realistic racing experience on Android. It comes with high-end graphics and realistic physics to make you feel like you yourself driving those mighty machines.

Win more and more race to unlock more than 50 of the world’s most beautiful sports cars. Reach to the max tier of the game to unlock the fastest car and become unbeatable. Also, give your best performance to earn more rewards and reach to the top of the leaderboards. So, download City Drift Racing now and enjoy the modern racing game on your Android device.

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