Top 5 Best Android Apps for March 2019


Every month, thousands of apps are developed by app developers and are launched to enhance our smartphone experience. As there are tons of apps launched every day, it becomes harder to check out each and every app. But no worry, we have shortlisted 5 best Best New Android Apps that have been launched in March 2019. So, make sure to check out these apps to enhance your smartphone productivity.

1. App Tiles

Having a lot of apps and games installed on a phone may take a bit more time to find the app you are looking for. If you are the one with the same problem facing on your smartphone, there’s a one-hit solution for you. App Tiles is a great app which let you to choose up to 6 apps you use most frequently to access them directly from the Quick Access bar on your smartphone.

It is a great solution for those who mess up with many apps installed on their phone and get confused while finding the app they were looking for. To shortlist your apps in your Quick Access bar, simply open this app and select the apps you want in your Quick Settings tiles. Thereafter, go to your Quick Access setting and long press the tiles to move into the edit setting. Once you are on, just drag and drop the apps wherever you want to place on your Quick Access bar and hit Done.

This app is available for free on the PlayStore. However, ads appear in the native app but it will show ads in the Quick Access bar. This is one of the best customization apps which really helps to access your favorite apps in a single place.

2. Language Navi

Although most of the Android Apps are available mainly in the English language, however, there are few apps which aren’t available in the English language. And so, it became harder to go through those apps. Even though, if you want to check them out then Language Navi will help you to convert the texts of that App in your own understandable language.

Language Navi uses Google Translate API which helps this app to convert texts in almost any available languages. This app accurately converts every text in the App including menus, buttons, and text snippets into a language in which you are comfortable to understand. The only thing you have to do is to select the source and the target language. Rest of the works are taken care of by this app.

Language Navi is available for free on PlayStore. To use this app to convert the texts, just open the app and give it all the required permissions. Then select the app (say, Cricbuz) and choose the language in which you want to translate the texts in the app. Then simply launch that app. Isn’t easy?

3. Spotify

I don’t think this app really need a description as this is one of the famous music apps which has been launched now in India also. Spotify is the best full-featured music streaming service which let you to stream millions of music tracks right on your Android device for free.

This app allows you to stream any music from any of your favorite artists. You can listen to any of your favorite artist and albums and even you have access to create your own playlists of your favorite songs. Spotify allows you to play any song at any time. No matter what your mood is, there’s everything for you to entertain you.

Spotify is available for Free as well as Premium service. Although free service is sufficient enough to feed your hunger of music, even though the Premium service comes with some additional features including Offline music and ads-free music experience with amazing sound quality.

4. Live Transcribe

Live Transcribe is a great app developed by Google. It is developed specially for deaf and hard of hearing peoples to help them to read the text of the speech on their mobile screen. This app uses Google’s voice recognization to do real-time transcription of the speech to text directly on the phone’s screen.

This app supports over 70 languages and lets the people to transcribe the text in their own language in which they are comfortable to read. In addition, it also comes with quick bilingual support which is a great thing. Using this app, one can remain in the conversation with others and even can reply to them by typing on the screen.

It’s a really great app by Google to help the deaf people to easily read the conversation going on. As of now, this app is still in its development stage but you can check it on the Play Store to learn how it works.

5. Sound Amplifier

This is another app from Google which recently hits the PlayStore. Sound Amplifier is an app designed by Google to enhance the audio listening experience on Android. This app mainly works with headphones to boost or reduce the sound of your phone. It easily amplifies the quiet sound and increases their volume to make them audible clearly while listening to them via Headphones.

It comes with an easy to use interface with just two sliders to adjust the sound according to the environment. It’s a great app for hearing impaired peoples to help them easier listening to the sounds even if they are in a loud environment. One can easily carry their conversation even in a loud environment using this app.

This is free to use app which has been launched recently on Play Store by Google. However, Google is still working on it make it more effective for the users. Meanwhile, you can check out this app on PlayStore.

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