Top 5 Best Android Apps For December 2019


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the end of 2019 is now two weeks away. But the need for trying out new apps never ends. This is why we are here yet again with the list of top 5 best Android apps for December 2019. You will find the Play Store download links below each of the apps mentioned here.

1. SplitCloud Double Music

SplitCloud is a music player that lets you play two songs at the same time. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a DJ, this is a cool way of experimenting with making mashups. In a different scenario, you and your friend can use it to listen to various tracks in case you only have one device and a pair of earphones. SplitCloud can play one music track through one ear channel and another track through the other one. You can adjust volumes for both of the tracks as well as invert the left / right audio channel output when using Split Mode.

If you use SoundCloud, you can link your SoundCloud account with SplitCloud and sync your favorite artists and playlists to the app. You will be able to search for a song or a user profile without opening SoundCloud. The app also pushes recommended tracks based on your listening activities.  When you go offline, SplitCloud’s offline listening functionality gives you the option to play saved tracks or the ones stored on your device.

The concept of running two separate tracks at the same time from a single music player is pretty unique. Even though it is missing some core functionality, the developer is pushing frequent updates to SplitCloud based on user feedback. A new radio section has recently been added to the app, where you get access to several free online stations.

SplitCloud music player is available for free, but it does contain in-app advertisements.

 2. Chroma Lab

Chroma Lab by Ilixa is not an ordinary photo editor app. It does have all the essential functions of a photo editor, but the vast selection of filters is the highlight of this app. Some of them transform a normal-looking photo into something straight out of a sci-fi movie within a few seconds. Each of the filters come with a surprising amount of customization, including emboss, colorizing, pixel sorting, channel mixing, adding grain, bokeh, spotlight, glitch effects, and more.

The user interface is intuitive and makes all the basic and advanced options easily accessible to the users. It is suitable for both casuals and professionals.

Chroma Lab is a free photo editor. However, it does have a PRO version that can be unlocked as an in-app purchase. You get extra features such as erasing parts of filters, saving your editing progress, and additional filters with more customization parameters. You will also get to save the edited photo in lossless PNG quality. The PRO version costs ₹320.00 INR (~$4.50 USD).

 3. Firefox ScreenshotGo

From the same folks at Mozilla who developed the Firefox browser, Firefox ScreenshotGo is a screenshot tool that allows users to find captured screenshots by text and keywords quickly. It does it by indexing all the texts in your screenshots. All of your screenshots will be neatly organized in the app gallery. You can also add the screenshots that you took using the native snipping feature in Android.

You can not only find a particular text from a screenshot but also copy it within one tap, share it with someone else, or open links directly. Hardware key binding for screenshots is also customizable from the app.

Unlike Google Lens, the screenshot search tool only detects the English language. However, Mozilla has built up quite a reputation for privacy and security. The text you copy from a screenshot won’t be logged or collected to keep your sensitive data safe.

Firefox ScreenshotGo is currently in beta, and you can install it on your Android device for free.

4. Crayon Icon Pack

Android OS is widely popular for its flexibility in terms of customization. You can change your launcher, set up custom icon grid, change device, use icon packs, and more. If you want to give your boring home screen a new look, then you should try the Crayon Icon Pack.

The Crayon Icon Pack consists of 4500+ app icons with flat pastel crayon colors. The high-resolution wallpapers included in the app also complement the art design of the app icons. It does have alternative icons for multiple apps in case you don’t like one.

Based on the launcher that you use, you can select custom folder icons, app drawer icons, and category-based icons from the icon pack. The icons can scale to different resolutions without any impact on quality.

The icon pack is compatible with almost all the popular launchers as well as Lawnchair, which we featured in last month’s top 5 best Android apps.

The Crayon Icon Pack can be purchased for ₹80 INR ($0.99 USD) from the Play Store. It is my personal favorite, and it just takes a couple of taps to set up the icon pack and wallpaper in a launcher.

5. Google Go

Google Go is an absolute must-try app. It is a simple web browser that uses various smart methods to save 30-40% data usage. At a size of 7MB, the app is pretty lightweight too.

Whether you are using a low-end device or limited to a slow cellular data connection, the webpages load faster than Google Chrome. From the main menu, you can access some of the essential Google services, including Search, Lens, Maps, Translate, and YouTube. These services are built into the app and don’t require a separate app to work. Google Go lets you download images and gifs from the app itself. You can also share the files you have downloaded.

Swiping to the left from the main menu brings up the Discover page, where you will be able to read the latest news articles based on your preferences. 

One of the best features of the app is the dictation feature. If you want the app to dictate an article, it is as simple as pressing the play button at the bottom bar. The dictation speed can be adjusted too.

The user interface feels snappy even on low-end devices. Google has done a great job with the optimizations here that made Google Go run on limited CPU and memory resources.

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