Top 5 Best Android Apps for April 2019


A brand new month comes with a list of new and unique Android apps. There are thousands of amazing Android apps launched on PlayStore every month, but their usage is limited to the requirement of peoples. Similar to the past month, we are again back with a list of top 5 best new Android apps for April 2019 which you should give them a try. These Android apps simplify your day-to-day smartphone usage and help you to get the most out of your Android smartphone. So, let’s check them out one-by-one.

1. Email – Fastest Mail for Gmail and More

Electronic Mail or simply E-mail is one of the essential things in our work life. Majority of peoples today rely on multiple email accounts from different email service providers like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and many more. Having multiple emails accounts may have many advantages but managing all those Mail accounts on a single device is not an easy task. To help peoples figure out this problem, Email app comes into existence.

This Email app lets you to efficiently manage multiple email accounts from different email providers on a single device. This means you can quickly send and receive emails on your various email accounts on a single device. No matter which email service provider you use, this app is compatible with managing emails from a wide range of Email service providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Hotmail, Live Mail, AOL Mail, Yandex and more.

Email app is portable as well as secured too! This app provides 100 percent secured interface and protects the privacy of the user. Just like the Gmail app, this application also offers different tabs such as Spam, Inbox, Draft, Send and a few more to manage all your emails efficiently. So, if you are looking for a multiple email manager, give this app a single try!

2. Clockify Time Tracker

If you are looking for how much time you spend on a particular task through the day, Clockify Time Tracker is the best app for you. When you are ready to start a new task or project, just make your entry in the app and start the time. This app will track your time until you finish your job and stop the timer. This app helps you to manage your day-to-day work hour efficiently.

This is the best suit app for those who are handling multiple projects and want to track their time spend on each project. Also, if you are managing a small company and want to follow the working time of each employee, this app is made just for you. Clockify gives a fully-furnished report of all of your time spend on each project making it easier for you to manage your working hours.

Clockify offers a clean and simple interface making it easier to handle. One can track its time just in a single tap instead of long-messy process. Although this app is loaded with several great features, this app is available for free of cost. So, if you want to keep an eye on your working hours, try this app once.

3. WhatsRemoved+

In October 2017, WhatsApp added a feature to permanently delete a message in chat allowing its users to remove Humiliating messages from the conversations. But sometimes, we lose some crucial messages accidentally from the chats or the person at the other end deletes some messages making us guess what that message was. At those moments, we wish to have a magical tool which let us read those deleted messages.

Thankfully, WhatsRemoved+ is one such tool which helps us to recover all the deleted messages from WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. This app monitors all the notifications coming on the device and stores them in its vault. So, even if you or the user deletes some message from the chat, that message remains in this app from where you can read out those messages.

To make this app working smoothly, you just need to allow some permissions to this app, the rest of the thing is managed automatically by this app. So, after configuring this app, this app continuously works for you to store all the deleted messages. And so, you can surprise your friends by letting them know what message they removed from the chat. Cool, isn’t it?

4. Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editing apps on Android has been one of the most used productivity apps nowadays. Although there are tons of photo editor apps available on Android, this one is well worth considering. Photo Editor Pro is one of the fasting growing photo editing app on Android which turns old-simple images into professional images.

This app features a massive amount of filters and features like the ability to tweak brightness, contrast, and add effects. Using this app, one can blur the background of the photo and can focus on some particular area of the image giving the picture a DSLR bokeh look. Apart from this, Photo Editor Pro lets you to resize your photo in pre-defined Social-Network posts making your photo perfectly fix on your Social handles.

This app also features 100+ stickers, custom fonts, layouts to customize your photo in the way you want them to be. Even though this is a Professional version of Photo Editor app, this app is available for free of cost making this the best choice for millions of users.

5. Radiogram AD-Free Radio

If you are a radio lover, this app is made just for you. Radiogram is a free FM Radio app on Android which let you listen to thousands of Radio Stations from all around the world. No matter in which corner of the world you are, if you have internet connectivity, you can listen to your favourite radio station at ease.

This app comes with a simple to use interface for users to quickly toggle your favourite radio station in a single tap. You can listen to your music by their genre like Pop, Religion, News, etc. The best thing about this app is it doesn’t have any annoying ads offering you a seamless radio listening experience.

In addition to all these features, this app also comes with Chromecast support allowing you to stream radio on your TV or any other supported device. You are also allowed to stream radio in your car via a Bluetooth module. All of these features make this app the best Radio app available on Android. If you haven’t tried this app, what are you waiting for, just go ahead and give it a try!

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