Top 5 Apps for Android Gaming


In an increasingly crowded world of Android gaming, picking the top 5 apps is no easy task. In fact, it might be a little bit like getting dropped on an island with a group of other people, so you have to fight it out to find the winner.

There’s no doubt Android app development has really taken off, and that’s paying off for owners of Android devices, giving them more options when it comes to entertainment.


Ask any middle school student in the known universe, and they’ll tell you this is the game to beat all games. You battle it out in a multiplayer environment that continues to shrink.

You can build and destroy terrain while you fight to be the sole survivor. Fortnite Battle Royale is a free download for Android devices, but it has to be downloaded from the Epic Games website, so it’s a bit more complicated than going to Google Play to install.

PUBG Mobile

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile—this gaming app has a pretty simple premise. You get dropped from the sky onto an island with 99 other people. Then you fight until the last one standing wins. According to industry experts, it already has more than ten million downloads and a million reviews. There’s also a lite version that has fewer players per match.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

The online version of this game has been going strong for years, so it only makes sense to have an Android app version of it. Unlike Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, this one is not a free download, but it still gets high marks from reviewers. Part of the reason for that is the frequent updates and how similar it is to its PC and console versions.

Pokémon Go

Gaming reviewers say this augmented reality game continues to add frequent updates. Some of these include additional Pokémon to collect, limited time events, and new mechanics. For those of you not familiar with the game, it sends you into your real world to catch Pokémon, make Pokestops, and restock. The frequent updates ensure that even people who’ve been playing for a while get a new gaming experience regularly.

Words with Friends 2

So if you’re not into battling it out or searching through an augmented reality environment, one game that’s still hitting reviewers’ lists for popularity is Words with Friends…more specifically Words with Friends 2. The new version of Zynga’s popular word game has added things like a solo challenge and a team-based lightning round. The dictionary’s been expanded as well to the tune of about 50,000 additional words. And…if you had rounds going in the first game, you can continue them in the new one.

There are dozens of Android-friendly gaming choices out there now. They run the gamut from live trivia games and classics like Candy Crush to fantasy sports apps and multiplayer battle games. Which games are the best really depends on what you like to play. Whatever your choice, the chances are more than good you can find it—and even if it’s not free, it likely won’t put a big hole in your budget.

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