Top 4 indications of Website Redesign that You Should Never Ignore!


Website design, as you know, is one of the most vital aspects of website design in today’s date. The design is something that strikes us in the first place and it is the very thing that makes online users glued to one website. So, as you can already assume, you have to prioritize the website design from the very initial stage. In order to do so, you can take help from the experienced website designing companies like Intlum. Almost all of your website’s elements may need to be redesigned and those are the aspects which will bring the eyeballs towards your site. Now, what do you think those elements can be?

One of the foremost considerations can be the CTAs. Even the color contrast and shape of the CTA would play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of your website design. Along with the CTA, easy navigation, clear but attractive typography, whitespace, responsiveness, and much more factors come into consideration when you are talking about the website and its designing value. So, you have the idea what to redesign. But what would be the answer if you are asked when to redesign? You’ll be left with no words.

Factors to Determine Your Website Needs a Redesign

The following are the reasons why you should redesign your website without wasting a single second. Whenever you notice the following mishaps taking place, you need to be prompt to avail a new designing makeover. So, let’s explore the defining factors of a website redesign.

Outdated Design

The outdated design will slowly and silently kill your business while you would have no idea! You must be wondering what an outdated design is! Well, if your website contains meaningless CTAs on the sliders, a plethora of featured images or a series of images on the homepage, distracting pop-ups, dreary graphics, or cliched typography, that design is surely outdated by a decade! On top of all, if your site is not responsive, that will, too, be considered as an outdated website.

Thus, whenever you find any of such disasters mentioned in the above paragraph, you need to start looking for a website development company to redesign your website. It’s the right time when you should improve your website design and make it up-to-the-minute. The world of websites is changing in leaps and bounds, so, you should be well-equipped to get accustomed to the pace. And the only way to do that is staying updated with the latest trends in the market.

Zero or Almost Zero Conversion

A good website will always bring loads of quality traffic and the traffic will be converted to the potential customers and this is how the conversion rate of your website is boosted. So, is your website giving you the expected growth or evolved as you expected? If you are not very certain about it or dissatisfied regarding the conversion, then it’s quite clear that something has gone wrong! You have to make a few things right and design comes at the top of the list.

One of the reasons for the design’s stagnancy can be your business growth and expansion! Yes, you heard right. Along with your business growth and expansion, you should make changes to your website. If you don’t do that, unfortunately, your website is going to sink. At the initial stage of your website, it had minimal information and that should expand along with your business’s development. If you don’t do that or your web pages do not reflect that expansion or evolution, it would not be trusted by the online visitors.

Minimal Website Traffic

You are promoting your website at a great pace. You are putting all your efforts and money on your website’s promotion. You have hired a digital marketing company to get good results in the search engines. But still, you aren’t experiencing the expected number of traffic to your website. Even the traffic is falling day by day! Thus, the question remains, what has gone wrong!

Well, the falling traffic can be the indication of two possibilities – Either your website’s SEO strategy is not right or your website design is not SEO-friendly! When you are willing to bring your website into the spotlight of search engines, you should always pay attention to make your website easy enough to crawl for the search engine bots. If they don’t find your website simple to crawl, the dream of seeing your website at the top of the search results will be shattered. So, SEO should always be a fundamental consideration for your website design. In any case, you have to contact a web design agency to help you in the matter. Check our other blog layerpoint

High Bounce Rate

High bounce rate has always been a concern for the website owners. The bounce rate indicates the performance of a web page or the whole website. Now, have you checked your website’s bounce rate? Are they too high? Are you running through a sheer concern? Well, if your website’s bounce rate is more than 35% it’s surely a cause for concern and if the figure goes above 50%, it’s alarming. However, if you run a blog or a single-page information providing site, the bounce rate would surely be higher since the single-page exits are regarded as the bounce rate.

Bounce Rates are generally high for the following reasons:

  • Lack of user-friendly functionality in the website
  • Difficulty in navigation
  • Lack of CTAs or Excess of CTAs
  • Page loading time is not within 3-5 seconds

So, you have to work on your website’s design in order to fix all of the above glitches. If anyone of these takes place on your website, you are surely going to need a website redesign.


The above four are the top indications for you to inform you that it’s time to consult and contact a web development company to revamp your website with all the latest technologies and considering the trends. If your website design does not reflect your proficiency, success on the internet will remain as a dream. So, buckle up your shoes and start redesigning your website today.

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