Top 10 Best Apps for Programmers


Programmers have it easy.

Your entire life can fit on your phone. You can use it to watch TV, call your spouse, order a plane ticket, research a new restaurant. You can also do work.

There are tons of apps on the market designed for programmers and web developers. The right one can help you keep up with ongoing projects as well as connect you to new potential clients. Being able to write code on the go is a huge benefit.

You’re probably familiar with content management sites. WordPress web hosting, for example, is extremely popular. Did you know that you can download a WordPress app so you can make updates when you’re away from your computer?

Here are 10 more apps for programmers that you’ll love.

  1. Evernote

This app is available for IOS and Android. It has a lot of uses beyond programming. It’s a complete notebook for your phone. You can documents, images, etc. The app is easy to use because it works across all of your platforms.

If you don’t have a large amount of work to keep track of, you can stick with the free version.

  1. Algoid

One of the great things about programming is that you can teach yourself. Algoid is a fun Android app that lets coders play around with the system. It includes a real-time debugger and tips to help make you a better programmer.

Your kids might enjoy Algoind as well.

  1. Javascript Anywhere

Javascript is one of the most common languages. The app allows you to write and edit Javascript, CSS, and HTML. You can use the internal browser to preview your code. The app is completely free.

Javascript Anywhere is a very useful tool for programmers who are still learning the language.

  1. Programming Hub

Perhaps the best app for beginning programmers is Programming Hub. You can learn Python, Assembly, HTML, VB.NET, JavaScript, PHP, and more. It can also be useful for advanced programmers who need a refresher.

During most programmer and web developer interviews, there’s a section devoted to code. Either by the applicant answering complex questions or by writing code themselves, the employer can gauge the applicant’s ability level.

Like many apps geared toward programmers, Programming Hub is free. You really can teach yourself how to code without spending a dime.

  1. Prompt 2

Prompt 2 is one of the SSH tools on the IOS market. It launched in 2011. It costs $9.99 but it’s loaded with features that you’ll appreciate. If you need to run a script from the road, Prompt 2 is perfect.

  1. Pythonista

Interested in becoming a Python programmer? Check out Pythonista. It’s also a great app for experienced developers who want to use Python on their phones. It costs $6.99 to install and there’s no free version.

  1. DroidScript

DroidScript is a free, Javascript-based app that lets you use your desktop computer or laptop as a remote IDE when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. It can connect to your servers, allowing you to receive emails and texts.

DroidScript was created to be a development environment for app programmers.

  1. Dalvik Explorer

Dalvik Explorer lets you get to know your Android phone. It could help you if you’re having problems with your device. It can tell you a lot of information about your phone’s operating system.

It’s completely free so you can download it any time.

  1. DrawExpress Diagram

You can use the DrawExpress Diagram app to draw flowcharts and diagrams. You can experiment with the free, “lite” version of the app before committing to the $6.99 version. Visual notes can be extremely helpful.

  1. TeamViewer for Remote Control

If you install TeamViewer on your personal computer, the TeamViewer for Remote Control app will allow you to control the computer from your phone. You can also send files to and from both devices.

The app is free for individuals but commercial teams need a license and a TeamViewer account.

You may need to touch up your code or deal with a server crash. That’s why it’s useful to have a programming app on your phone. The most expensive one on the list costs $9.99. If you want to stick to the free apps, download a couple and see what you think.

You may even come up with an idea for your own programming app. It can be something that you think the community can use or a specific app designed purely for you.


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