Tony Schiavone’s Wrestling Career Has Become a Graphic Novel


WWE, WCW and AEW announcer/commentator Tony Schiavone’s career is being turned into a graphic novel by Source Point Press called Butts in Seats.

The career of acclaimed professional wrestling commentator/announcer Tony Schiavone is being turned into a graphic novel, courtesy of Source Point Press.

Curated by Schiavone and written by Dirk Manning, the 10-part graphic novel will feature art by D.J. Coffman, Sally Scott, John Marroquin, Les Garner, Scott James, Josh Ross, Austin McKinley and Len O’Grady, with each artist illustrating a different stage of Schiavone’s career. The book is titled Butts in Seats in reference to Schiavone’s infamous jab at WWE (then WWF) while commentating for WCW. Since Raw was pre-taped in 1998, he spoiled that Mankind was going to win the WWF Championship during a live broadcast of WCW’s rival show Nitro, saying “That’s gonna put some butts in the seats.” Incidentally, it did, as a number of viewers switched over from Nitro to Raw to see Mankind capture his first WWF Championship.

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“A lot of you may know Tony Schiavone as the announcer for professional wrestling promotions such as WCW, WWF/E, or more recently All Elite Wrestling… but whether you’re a wrestling fan or not, I can guarantee you that you will find his story engaging, amusing, and even inspiring,” Manning said.

“For a project of this magnitude the only publisher we would consider taking it to was of course the mighty Source Point Press, and we’ve partnered with them to launch the book on Kickstarter this March, making it possible for those of you who pre-order it in this fashion to unlock and attain all kinds of cool bonuses and upgrades — many of which won’t be available after the campaign ends!” he added.

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Butts in Seats, by Dirk Manning, D.J. Coffman, Sally Scott, John Marroquin, Les Garner, Scott James, Josh Ross, Austin McKinley, Len O’Grady and Sean Burres launched on Kickstarter in March from Source Point Press.

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