Today’s Google Doodle Paid a Tribute to Japanese Tnventor Seiichi Miyake


Today’s Google is something special for everyone and you might be wondering what’s underneath your feet? The Search Giant is paying tribute Japanese inventor Seiichi Miyake. Miyake invented tactile paving. This Tactile Paving is used by the world’s people as it makes public space easily accessible for those who are visually impaired.

If we talk about Miyake’s invention, he had invented this Tactile Paving in the year 1965 in Japan. The actual system was released for the Okayama School for the Blind in Okayama City in the year 1967. Soon after its official release for the Bling School, this system was made mandatory in the Railway Stations. The system was spread across the country for the betterment of the blind people.

Gradually, it had made its way to the globe and was planted in the railway stations sidewalks in different countries across the globe. This helps blind people navigate to paths in busy spaces.

These are the Tenji Blocks which are very innovative in today’s technology era. These patterns are very unique if you see them closely. One pattern features raised lines. These raised lines indicate Forward. The second design is called the truncated domes pattern. The second pattern features a series of bumps which is nothing but a sign of Stop.

These two patterns are used globally in most countries and even in today’s time, the patterns are the same and there are no changes made to them.

If we talk about the modern world, there are a number of such unique patterns invented by the world’s people. However, the core functionality for each pattern is the same. The only changes they have made in the new patterns is the bumps and dots design.

These patterns work like a charm for the people who are visually impaired or have limited vision. These patterns are globally accepted and have been used in the busy spaces and on the platforms of different railway stations. Next time whenever you visit a railway station, do not forget the name of its original inventor Mr. Seiichi Miyake.

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