Toast POS Review 2018 – Pricing and Specifications


Nowadays with the advent of technology, the recordkeeping services have also changed. Earlier the shops used to maintain a register for the transactions but now a computerized, paperless and a much easy solution has come up and has solved most of the problems of the shop owners. Steve Fredette, Aman Narang, and Jonathan Grimm have come up with a user-friendly and affordable POS system by which most of the record keeping problems have been solved.

Toast POS Review

It is a cloud cum android-based restaurant management solution with myriad functionalities which has an inbuilt system of creating records, processing of credit cards, CRM, online ordering and muchgreater functionalities. It has also won an Expert Choice Award for 2018 and Guest User Experience award 2018 by Finances online. It allows the restaurateurs to smoothly take care of their business and put less focus on transactions while keeping a real-time watch over your records.

There are many advantages of using Toast POS as mentioned below:

  • It has interactive and user-friendly software which is based on the latest Android.
  • It has a team of customer support which works round the clock.
  • This POS has been specifically designed for restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, and other food service businesses.
  • It has an inbuilt cache memory so in case you go offline then also the work will continue to be in process.
  • It has a lightning fast service with fast transaction and order so that you do not lose your customers because customers become very restless if they are awaited for a long time.
  • It has a wireless connectivity with Meraki Router and open mesh access


Toast has a system of real-time inventory app which tracks the food supplies and other units and that too form the comfort of your computer or mobile. It also gives the facility to download the report and various other transactions in the device.


It has a competitive price compared to other POS offering companies. You can subscribe POS at just $79 a month with round the clock support and the software updates are notified from time to time.

It has a core POS software and in $79 you will get better features like a kiosk, loyalty, gift card, etc. It has a flat processing fee. The hardware starts at $899 only.

Add-on Installation

This is the only negative point in this POS as if you want to add extra features to your Toast POS then you have to pay an extra amount for that feature like:

  • Loyalty program costs around $25/month.
  • Physical and Digital Gift Cards cost around $50/month.
  • $50/month costs for Online ordering feature.

Supported Devices

It supports the devices like Windows, android, mac and computer browser with an English support.

Other features include

  • The easy customer management software and various loyalty programs are updated from time to time.
  • It has an exceptional feature with Sales Exception Report which can track the record of the particular employee performance everyday.
  • It has its own personalized webpage and you can also personalize it on your own.
  • It has an in-built kiosk for ordering food for the use of restaurants.
  • The POS can be customized according to the different restaurant types.
  • The vendor offers features like contact support, email.
  • The person will visit you to train you about the process of the system. 


Many of the greatest companies have given the review that it is the best POS they have ever used. The interesting part that differentiates Toast from other POS is its approach to customer service. So this was all about the Toast POS Review. Tell us your experience on using POS in the comments section.

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