Titan Quest: Legendary Edition launching next month for iPhone and Android


Well, what do you know? The classic 2006 Diablo-like action RPG Titan Quest will get yet another release for mobile next month. The game has enjoyed cult status since its release 15 years ago and for a good reason. Titan Quest is a perfect blend of action and adventure – hunting for gear while at the same time enjoying a compelling story. Maybe that’s the reason why the game has appeared three times on the App Store every time under a different publisher. Fourth time’s the charm, obviously. Bear with me for a second, and you’ll find out why. Unlike previous releases, which were more or less a copy-paste port of the original game, Titan Quest: Legendary Edition features all the bug fixes and technical enhancements the game really needed. Plus it comes with all three expansions (Immortal Throne, Ragnarok, Atlantis) in one neat package.

The publisher – HandyGames – boasts this to be the best Titan Quest mobile experience to date. That’s also completely understandable, as the game will set you back $17.99 when it launches in early February. To put this in perspective, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition costs $19.99 on Steam. You can pre-order the game right now on the App Store or pre-register on Google Play Store, and if you happen to have missed the other mobile releases, this one is definitely worth checking out.




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