Tips to Avoid Data Lost Problem in the SD Card


It is hard to face the fact that you lose your important photos or data, especially if you don’t have a backup and you can’t get them back.

That’s why you must take care of the devices and its parts carefully to keep the data inside it. There are several things you can do to prevent photos lost problem.

There is also an explanation about how to recover lost photos so you can use it back just like before.

Insert and Eject the Card Properly and Carefully

In case to prevent photos lost in the SD card, you just have to make sure that the card is inserted or ejected properly. Just do it carefully and in the right way.

Don’t force the action if it seems there is something wrong when you are inserting and ejecting the SD card. Hold and put the digital camera or your gadget carefully because any kind of shake can change the position of the SD card.

By doing this trick you are preventing the photos or SD card from corruption problem so you can use the photos anytime you want.

Insert the Card to the Other Devices Carefully

When the data in the SD card is full, you must move it to the computer or PC. This is the time when you have to eject the card and insert it to the computer.

Insert the card carefully to the computer and make sure that the slot is fit with the card. Once again, don’t force the card to the computer slot otherwise it triggers corrupt files. It is better to find the other computer or PC which suits with the card.

Make Sure that the Devices are Free from Virus or Malware

One more thing you have to consider while inserting SD card to the computer slot is the safety. Just make sure that your computer is free from any kind of virus or malware before inserting the SD card.

If it is necessary you would better scan the computer first to detect whether the computer is clean or not. Certain types of viruses or malware are able to interrupt different type of devices including SD card. The impact is various and one of them is the possibility of losing the data inside the card.

Follow the Instructions Until It is Done

Following the instructions while transferring photos or data from the SD card to the computer is also an important consideration to keep your photos and data safe. It is better not to do anything except the instructions.

Sometimes, the process takes time and it means you have to wait until the process done. Don’t interrupt the process with any kind unnecessary actions.

A simple action might disturb the process and it triggers SD card corruption. If it is happening, you may lose all the data inside the card.

Keep the SD Card Safe

SD card is a sensitive item and you have to take care of it carefully. Just make sure that you keep the card in the safe places and away from any kind of conditions which make the card damage. For instance, the SD card has to be placed in a dry, clean, and room temperature areas.

Don’t ever put the SD card in the water or in the hot temperature areas otherwise something bad happens to it as well as to the data inside it. Just do it if you really want to keep your photos or data safe.

Steps to Restore Lost Data in SD Card

If you lose the photos or data in the SD card, you have to remain calm. The early thing to do is trying to detect the SD card once again to the digital camera or computer. If the card responds to the devices, you may glad.

Then, check the data inside the card and make sure that there is no data loss. How if you lost the data? The next thing to do is finding the best data recovery software to help to get the data back. Download and install the software on your computer and run it.

The process is including:

  • Wait for the software detect the SD card. It takes time to do it and the process depends on the software you use. The best software will do the detection fast and accurate.
  • Start to scan the SD card by pressing the scan button on the software. The scanning process helps to reveal the data inside the corrupt SD card.
  • Check the list and pick the data you want to restore. Then, click the restore button to get those data back. As long as the computer can detect the SD card, the chance for the data recovery software to get your data back is bigger.

Summary: There are several ways to keep your SD card from corruption to prevent data loss. This article shows to you the way to protect the SD card and the way to handle data lost in the safest way.

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