Timeline for External Team to Build Custom Software


It is crucial to set realistic timelines so that the project of building a software application is on track. In short, the entire thing is done with the help of release planning. A release plan contains the overview of several sprints, the tasks that are going to be in every sprint as well as the date of completion or release.

Similar to the ways several project managers have learnt, creating a timeline and adhering to it isn’t a very easy job. There could be many problems, like changes in the scope or technical glitches. Unexpected problems have a way of popping up without warning, which could throw the entire process off track for a while.

In most cases, people do not underestimate the amount of time they have to spend in developing custom software, especially when you are new at this. Figuring out how to work with an external team can be daunting. Therefore, you must avoid developing an unrealistic timeline because it is the major factor that could throw the whole process off track. Doing so will only make the team members frustrated, resulting in missed deadlines.

If you want to set a pragmatic timeline that will help in keeping the whole project on schedule, we are going to offer a few tips.

Collaborating Early in the Development Process

You must be very upfront about the delivery of the project as well as the expectations you have with the timeline. The senior management is responsible for setting the expectations, and most of the time they do not consider what the actual project members have to say about it. Therefore, when you are setting an expectation, it is crucial for you to involve all the different stakeholders. It will help you get a realistic picture of the whole situation. It is extremely important for you to b aware of each and every factor that is going to affect the timeline positively as well as negatively.

Before you contact software development companies US to start the project, you have to meet the stakeholders from your external and internal teams. Getting everyone on the same page is also very important, because you need to set everyone’s expectations straight. In these meetings, you will have to discuss the roles every individual will play along with the important due dates. If you collaborate early, it will help in uniting the whole team in order to make everyone work the essential pieces of the development project. It is the key to setting a realistic timeline for your custom software project.

Having a Crystal Clear Project Scope

Another important factor that will affect the timeline of your project will be to have a very clear project scope. People are going to add different elements to the project once you have started it, and having a clear vision is extremely important. If you have a vague or poor vision, it may unnecessarily drag the project. By having a very clear scope, you will be creating a release plan that will help in accurately reflecting the needs of your project.

It is almost inevitable to stop adding new tasks, but you can definitely manage the scope creep by ensuring that you meet the deadlines and stay on track.

Creating a Very Detailed Task List

After you have made up your mind and have a very clear idea about the whole situation, you will have to proceed to the next step. In this step, you will have to create a list of the different tasks that needs to be done. The development process will involve several different tasks, and you need to be aware of them. Once you know what the tasks are, you need to find the right people to do them. You also need to set due dates for all of these tasks. When you have a detailed tasks list, it makes it easy for you to share it with the different teams that are working on this project. Having task list makes sure that every individual is on schedule. It is similar to a visual reminder that needs to be completed.

Keeping Ongoing Communication Active

Your worst enemy in the whole process would be making assumptions. It can negatively impact the whole process. You may be working from outside, but still it is important that you communicate often about the different elements in the project. Communication on a regular basis will help in keeping everybody on the same page. Making decisions are also involved in the different phases of building software. Therefore, you should also make these decisions on a timely basis.

It can be done by holding frequent status meetings. It helps in keeping the communication lines open. Make sure you have somebody who can organise and run these meetings. Also make sure that all the stakeholders are present in the meetings.

Status meetings help every individual involved in the project to come together and share their details of the work in order to get the whole picture. It is also important for people to come prepared for these status meetings.

Lastly, make sure you have a clear vision of the roadblocks. If you keep all these factors in mind, you will be able to create a very realistic timeline that will work in favour for every stakeholder.

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