Three New Experimental Apps Released by Google


Google is working more on the development of its new experimental apps under its private experimental program. The company has released so many experimental apps under this program until now. Today, we have got three new innovative and advanced Experimental Apps which are just released by Google. Let’s get to know more about these new apps now!


The first experimental app is Envelope. This app is compatible only with Google’s Pixel 3a smartphone. If you are using Google’s Pixel 3a smartphone, then you can transform your phone into a simpler and calmer device. You need to print out a PDF file and fold it like an envelope. You can then use it for receiving phone calls and taking photos with the camera app.

Screen Stopwatch

The next app is Screen Stopwatch. This new Screen Stopwatch app acts as iOS’s default timer app that shows you how much time you spend on a particular app. With this Screen Stopwatch app, you can see the time that you spend on a smartphone. You can see the total phone usage with this app.

When your phone is locked, the counter will be stopped. As soon as you unlock your device, the stopwatch’s counter will start automatically. The app will work in the background when you enable it from the main app’s settings. It will also show you the chart or the graph of the total phone usage.

Activity Bubbles

Activity Bubbles is kind of an interesting app for the Pixel phone users. As it suggests, this app will add one bubble to the main screen’s wallpaper every time you unlock your device. The more you unlock your device, the bigger the bubble will become. You will get to know how many times did you unlock your device by looking at the bubbles.

You can set it up via the phone’s app once you install it on a respective device. You can also customize the wallpaper as per your requirements right from the settings menu of this app.

Many of the users might not impress with these apps, but still they are quite useful to improve your productivity.

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