TheOneSpy Windows and MAC Computer Tracking Software Review


TheOneSpy is one of the most advanced tracking software compatible with computer devices running Windows and MAC operating system. The software offers a broad range of features allowing the user to remotely monitor and manage the targeted computer devices. You can direct a device to perform certain actions without taking it into custody. Moreover, you can monitor the activities performed on the target device without letting the possessor know. The software can be subscribed for a specific time period and its price varies with operating systems, package plans and subscription period.

How does Computer Spy Software Work?

You need to install the software on the computer device of your targeted individuals or groups that might be your children or employees. After installation, the computer spy app syncs a certain type of data and uploads to the online account of the spy app. The end-user of the surveillance software can log into that online account and view the synced information out there. This account is also used to send remote commands to the targeted device to perform certain tasks such as screen recording.

Features of Windows and MAC Monitoring Software

The surveillance software for MAC lets you monitor MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iMac running MAC OS versions 10.5 to 10.12. Whereas, the Windows monitoring software lets you track computers and laptops running Windows OS 7, 8 and 10. Given are the features of this high-tech MAC spy software.

Screen Recording

Do you want to monitor every single step performed on the computer used by your workers? The surveillance software for MAC lets you supervise every activity made on the computer of your workers and children. You can see what they are doing, watching, listening and even typing on the monitored PCs. You can send a command via online control panel of the spy software to direct the target device to record screen. The screen recording for MAC will enable you to track the activities performed on the targeted computer. The recording will automatically upload to the online panel from where you can watch it.

Record Surrounding Scenes

The surveillance software does not just let you record screen of the targeted MAC computer. It also lets you see what is happening in the surroundings of that MacBook. The powerful MAC monitoring software lets you operate the camera of the targeted computer to see and capture the surrounding scenes. It enables employers to detect what their workers are doing on their seats. Whether they are really doing their work or gossiping with the co-workers.

To turn on the camera of their MAC devices, you need to send a command via online panel of spyware app. You can send command to direct the monitored device to capture random photos of the surroundings or make a video. You can send multiple commands to continue monitoring the events for as long as you want.

Listen to Surrounding Sounds

The tracking software for MAC computers let you operate the microphone of the targeted device. You can listen to the conversations of your target by turning on the MIC of their monitored devices. To turn on the microphone of the targeted MacBook, you need to create a MIC bug from the online panel. The multiple commands can help you prolong the voice recording duration.


You can access the keystrokes applied to the targeted computer to know the email addresses, usernames and passwords of online accounts and emailing accounts operated on the targeted device.

Track Internet Use

The compute spy software lets you supervise the internet use of your workers and children. You can find out which websites are being visited and at what time. The researches prove that majority of the workers use the company internet to do online shopping and watching their favorite videos. The spy software shows you which websites were visited by your workers so you can detect the frequently visited unproductive websites and block them.

Track Emails

The employee monitoring software enables employers to track emails sent and received by their workers. It secretly accesses the incoming and outgoing emails of Gmail and uploads to the online panel.

Selection of Spy Features

The compute spy software lets you customize the Mac monitoring software by turning on and off the features. You can turn on the required features and prevent others from performing. For example, if you do not want the spy app to record keystrokes, you can turn off the keylogger feature.

That is not all. The computer spy software for MAC and Windows computer let you supervise the use of the targeted device in many other ways. You can visit the website of the surveillance software to know more.

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