The Walking Dead Season 11 Villains Can Save Ezekiel From Dying


Ezekiel revealed in The Walking Dead season 10 that he’s dying of thyroid cancer – but season 11’s villains can save him from his fate.

The Walking Dead season 10 revealed that death is on its way for Ezekiel (Khary Payton), but the Commonwealth could save him from his fate. Ezekiel explained to Siddiq (Avi Nash) in a season 10 episode that he’s dying of thyroid cancer, which is a death sentence in the apocalypse. Despite his medical condition, though, Ezekiel has remained committed to helping his people against the Whisperers.

In the episode that was originally intended to be The Walking Dead‘s season 10 finale, Ezekiel traveled with Eugene (Joshua McDermitt), Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), and Princess (Paola Lázaro) to seek help in the final battle. Their goal was to meet the mysterious woman Eugene had been in contact with. In the episode’s final minutes, the group was accosted by a number of armed assailants and the episode ended before more could be uncovered – but the new group’s identity isn’t a huge mystery. It’s been apparent for quite a while now that The Walking Dead has been headed toward the introduction of the Commonwealth, a massive network of communities that Rick’s group encountered in the comic’s final story arc.

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The Commonwealth, who are poised to be the villains of The Walking Dead season 11, can provide the show with a way of keeping Ezekiel alive. As for how this could be, the possibility of his survival was set up when his medical situation was first mentioned. According to Ezekiel, both his grandmother and father suffered from the same illness but they were able to live through it because of modern medicine. What this means is that in a normal world, Ezekiel’s condition would be treatable. Obviously, Ezekiel getting the necessary treatment wouldn’t seem like a viable option in the zombie apocalypse, but it could be with the Commonwealth entering the picture.

It’s known from the Walking Dead comics that the Commonwealth’s technology is much more advanced than what the people of Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom had access to. They’ve been focusing on rebuilding and getting back to what civilization was before the zombie virus outbreak, and the progress they’ve made at the time that they first came onto the scene in the comics was remarkable. Given that fact and the size of the Commonwealth, it certainly seems plausible that they would have the trained physicians and the medical resources needed to get Ezekiel the care he needs. If that happens, the character could overcome his cancer and survive The Walking Dead’s ending.

One challenge that they may face in getting this to happen is actually securing the Commonwealth’s help. The organization isn’t exactly evil in the comics, but their goals don’t align with the main characters’. Their class system, structure and way of running things created a great deal of conflict in the comic book version of the story, and it may not be easy for the three communities to get along nicely with the Commonwealth in The Walking Dead. It could be that their ability to help him will be used to appeal to them. If so, it’s possible that becoming a part of the Commonwealth will be a condition for getting that treatment. It remains to be seen how Ezekiel will feel about that.

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