The Ultimate Tricks To Help You Pick The Best Social Media Management Tools


We currently live in a world where social media presides above everything else when it comes to generating buzz. To date, over 3 billion people worldwide use social media. That’s a lot of people and a potential source of revenue and brand exposure and growth. Marketers have realized just how invaluable investing time and effort to invest and tap into this niche can become. If you can manage to start and run a successful social media company, then you have hit the jackpot. Social media companies have managed to help businesses make social media a critical part of their marketing strategies. This should be enough to let you know that you can make some good buck off of the social media.

An increased online reach will eventually get you’re your dues but only when done right. The effectiveness of your social media management and strategy is what will get you more traffic and clicks. So, what better way than to learn some of the top tricks to help set you up for the best social media management tool to use?

  1. Compatibility

Before you consider using any tool, you must, first, check whether it will be compatible with the different social media platforms that you are using. It wouldn’t be wise to invest in a tool that only gets you partial returns. You must, therefore, do thorough research on the tool you plan on using before you decide to use it.

  1. Number of feeds allowed

Before you subscribe to any management tool, you want to know whether it allows you to check and manage more than one account on the same platform. Agencies, influencers, and even some of the multi-brand companies can benefit a great deal from this feature. Therefore, if your agency has brand A, brand B, C, and D to manage, will the tool you subscribe to allow you to do so? You also want to check if you can link all your social networks for all your brands so that you can monitor all of them without exceptions.

  1. Desired metrics

Metrics are the only thing that every decision maker will ultimately be interested in. Thus, all the more reason to want to know everything you can about it. It is essential that you select a tool that incorporates all the metrics that you intend to use. Some of the most common metrics to consider include Reach, Clicks, Sentiment Analysis, Engagement, Effectiveness of the posts, etc. You want to get this information on a real-time basis to help you decide on the type of content to push.

  1. Options to schedule posts

Tools that come with scheduling features can be quite handy especially during events, festivals, and holidays. You can then focus your time and expertise on other important tasks and let your scheduling tools do the work. A good tool will also let you view engagements and comments by your consumers across all your channels in real-time. So, you are always kept up-to-date with what is happening in all your social pages.

  1. Reporting format

A good online marketing tool should also enable you to build a monthly and quarterly report. The tool can have graph or chart features to help make this process easier. Tools with have visual aids like videos, and even audio are even better in this case.

  1. Desired analysis

After getting your metrics, your next step should be to analyze it so that you can form a better future strategy. You should, therefore, look for a tool that can provide you with a concise analysis summary of your campaign’s performance or content. A good analysis report helps to give you more insight into things you need to improve on and where you are doing fine.

  1. Ease of moderation

Managing multiple social media accounts can be quite time-consuming. Thus, all the more reason to have a tool that you can use to respond to all your social media channels using the same dashboard. Besides saving you time and energy, it will also ensure that you never miss any opportunities that can help you build relationships.

  1. Paid campaigns integration

It’s never an easy task managing paid campaigns. You, therefore, need to source for a good tool that helps you to manage your paid campaigns up to the minutest details. A tool that monitors and manages your campaign’s ROI, Sentiment Analysis, Reach Search, Impressions and what’s working and what’s not is the perfect tool to use. You can only get ahead of such situations with a great tool at your disposal and if you know how to use it.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

The cost needed to invest in the tool you desire will ultimately fall on the table. You must also consider your options here carefully. You don’t want to end up selecting an overly expensive tool when there is a lower budget tool that performs similar functions. At this stage, you want to consider factors like whether the tool you want to purchase offers a free trial or not. Tools that offer free trials are great in that they help provide you with a better feel of the tool and how it works. You can, therefore, make your purchase decision based on your experience using the tool at its free trial phase. The price of the tool will ultimately play a big role in whether you buy a certain tool or not.

  1. Easy to use interface

A good tool is one that works towards simplifying your life. That means looking for a tool that has a clear-cut interface with everything you need neatly displayed and easy to understand. Tools with a simple and easy to use interface also help to save you a lot of time which you can use on other important matters.

Final thoughts

When looking to shop for the perfect social media management tool, it is vital that you consider all of these features. If not, then at least look for the tool that has all the features that you intend to use. Otherwise, there is the likelihood that the tool you purchase may not provide you with all the services you need.

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