The Textorcist, Elite Dangerous, and The World Next Door Are Free


Epic Games Store offers three free games until November 19th, including The Textorcist, Elite Dangerous, and The World Next Door.

Another week is ending and another free offer appears on Epic Games Store the same as before. This time around, you can get three games in various genres: The Textorcist, The World Next Door, and Elite Dangerous.

Starting off with The Textorcist, it’s a 2D type ‘em up game where you have to fight against a city filled with sins and demons. The genre might be a little bit surprising for you, but I assure you that you read it correctly. This is a game where you have to dodge the bullets raining towards you and simultaneously type some exorcisms to get rid of the enemies. Such ground-breaking gameplay has almost made a name for The Textorcist among the other indie titles of last year. The game received mostly favorable reviews from the media and is one of the recommended titles on Steam by those who have already played it.

The World Next Door is the second free game of this weekend on Epic Games Store. This one is a narrative-driven puzzle game that invites you to a parallel world where you face some supernatural creatures who try to help you find your way out and get back to the world you belong to. The World Next Door features gorgeous 2D visuals with great character and world design that could surely be a memorable experience for you.

Last but not least, Epic Games offers Elite Dangerous for free as well, which is a well-known game for PC players. Playing as a space-survivalists with a small ship and low profile, you should start a long journey in the ever-evolving world of Elite Dangerous to earn new skills, learn about new abilities and become one of the top residents of Milky Way with some outstanding achievements that could grant you a high position in the multiplayer world of the game.

You can grab all the games above through here for free until November 19th.




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