The sorry iPhone 12 mini vs 12 Pro Max battery size and replacement ease outed by teardowns


Well, it may be morning for the iPhone 12 Pro Max and 12 mini release here in the US, but it’s been a whole day over in Europe, and the repair wizards from Kaputt have managed to score the first teardowns of both handsets just in time for their US release.

iPhone 12 Pro Max battery capacity revealed by disassembly

  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max battery: 3678mAh 

Besides showcasing the phones’ innards, the gutsy repairmen from Kaputt sent us an up-close-and-personal photo of the iPhone 12 Pro Max and 12 mini batteries side by side for the first time. 

As you can see, at 3678mAh (12 Pro Max) and 2227mAh (12 mini), the 2020 iPhone battery capacity rumors turned out to be true, and the battery size of the Max is indeed smaller than the 11 Pro Max, even though Apple cites the same battery life. 

What else did the folks from Kaputt learn from their iPhone 12 Pro Max disassembly session?

  • Relatively easy to open
  • L-shaped 3678mAh battery
  • Display and touchscreen cable combined in one

iPhone 12 mini battery size

  • Apple iPhone 12 mini battery: 2227mAh

Unfortunately, our deepest fears about the iPhone 12 mini battery have now been confirmed, and the battery is indeed as small as 2227mAh. No wonder that Apple is citing much shorter iPhone 12 mini battery life among all the 2020 iPhones. 

The bad part is that Kaputt found the iPhone 12 mini to also be tougher to open hence replace said battery. What else did they find?

  • Relatively difficult to open
  • The SIM module is firmly soldered to the logic board




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