The Power Rangers Just Got DESTROYED by Lord Zedd’s Ultimate Putty


The Power Rangers still have no clue how to deal with the newly empowered version of their least dangerous enemies.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Mighty Morphin #3 by Ryan Parrott, Marco Renna, Walter Baiamonte, Katia Ranalli and Ed Dukeshire, on sale now.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have faced more than their fair share of ever-escalating threats, with even their weaker foes leveling up in power considerably in recent months. What started with the Dark Rangers has now escalated to a new generation of generic foot soldiers, ones strong enough to put even the mysterious new Green Ranger out of commission singlehandedly.

Being ambushed is never in anyone’s favor, but what the Power Rangers find themselves up against a new breed of Putty that’s more than they can handle in Mighty Morphin #3.

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Following the sudden appearance of a new Ranger and the shocking betrayal of the Omega Rangers when they kidnapped Drakkon from Zordon’s custody, the Mighty Morphin team has never needed a break so badly. While the Rangers were relaxing at a music festival, Zedd, disappointed in his underlings’ work, took it upon himself to craft a new breed of Putty foot soldier that was imbued with the very same Green Chaos Energy that Zedd had previously used to supercharge his Dark Rangers with. Lord Zedd’s defeat at the hands of the Green Ranger may have left him weakened for a short time, but now it has given him new life as well as a new capacity for destruction, and he has shared it with the least threatening of his minions to great effect.

Not only was the Putty Prime more than the Power Rangers could handle, but nearly all of the bystanders at the festival soon enough revealed themselves to be Chaos Putties as well. Though not as intimidating as the first of this new breed that they encountered, the Rangers are still hardly able to keep up. Zedd communicates with Putty Prime, telling it to target Adam specifically, and the Black Ranger is downed by the menacing monster before it grasps his head with its claws. Billy notices that the Green Ranger is defenseless against the Chaos Putties, realizing that it’s because they both draw on the same type of energy, and tells their unnamed ally to retreat. While the Green Ranger makes their escape, the others regroup, only for Tommy to be shot in the back by Adam who is under the influence of the Green Chaos Energy. Adam only sees more monsters when he looks at his teammates, and the others are forced to knock him out before making their own hasty exit. With the Rangers out of the fight, the Putties sweep through Angel Grove.

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As the Rangers try to figure out the source of the Chaos Energy behind the scenes, Putty Prime has absorbed the other Chaos Putties into his own mass, growing into a towering version of itself, and the Green Chaos Energy is now so powerful that it cannot be contained. With no one else to save the day and Adam back on his feet, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ready their Megazords and head back into the fray.

But even with their most powerful weapons at hand, things don’t look good. Where the Putties are historically cannon fodder that the Power Rangers can deal with in a matter of minutes, these new Chaos Energy Putties are as dangerous as the final monsters the Rangers usually face with their Mega-Zords. And if the Chaos Energy can make Putties this strong, there’s no telling how dangerous Zedd’s other monsters, or even Zedd himself, could be.

If the Mega Putty is as dangerous as its smaller components, the Rangers may end up needing much more than their giant robots to put the monster down.

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