The PlayStation 3 Has Seemingly Received A New Update for Blu-Rays


The PlayStation 3 has a new update, but there isn’t really anything to talk about unless you still watch blu-rays on the console.

The year is 2020 and the PlayStation 3 has received a new system software update. No, I am not kidding. On the official PlayStation website, Sony details system update 4.87. Easily enough, Sony says that the update only improves system performance, however, there is seemingly one extra thing that Sony decided not to mention.

For those who still happen to use their PlayStation 3 console to watch movies on Blu-ray, this latest update brings the system up to speed to be able to play more recent Blu-ray discs. According to RPCS3, who works on PlayStation 3 emulation, they mention it in their own Twitter post about this addition.

For now, we will have to wait for Sony to say whether or not that change is true or if you have a recent film on Blu-ray you can try it on your own PlayStation 3 (at your own risk). The PlayStation 3 was last updated in March earlier this year, but was only a boost to system performance as most updates are after becoming a past generation console. Still, if the Blu-ray update is true, it is cool to see Sony giving some support to the system all these years later, even if is likely that a small demographic of people are using a PS3 for that reason.




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