The Old Guard Anthology Recruits Bendis, DeConnick and More


The Old Guard: Tales Through Time anthology will feature all-star creators like Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue DeConnick tackling the immortals.

The success of the Image Comics miniseries The Old Guard has led to a sequel series and a feature film on Netflix. Now, a new miniseries will explore the lives of the various immortals within the comic, featuring a roster of all-star creators.

The Old Guard: Tales Through Time miniseries will span across the decades, featuring stories set in feudal Japan and World War II. Among the writers involved are Brian Michael Bendis, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction and Jason Aaron. While artists including Michael Avon Oeming and Valentine De Landro will illustrate the series.

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“I’m always a little stunned when people want to come and play with our toys, to be honest,” The Old Guard co-creator Greg Rucka told Polygon. “And it helps me with my own writing. It’s easy to get set onto a track with a character or an idea — having someone come in from outside for a visit, so to speak, allows a fresh perspective, and pushes me to rethink my own assumptions and conclusions about these characters.” Rucka and original series artist Leandro Fernandez will also contribute stories to Tales Through Time.

“I love Greg,” Bendis added. “I love his worlds. His writing. His spirit. I have watched him build these amazing worlds with good-hearted envy. And now to be a tiny part of one, even for a few pages, is a huge honor.”

The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #1 goes on sale in April from Image Comics.

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Source: Polygon

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